Pink Prosecco Margarita


My friend Dan loves a good cocktail. So when he made a point to text me this recipe, I knew it would be good. He found it online, and made a few adaptations, but because I don’t know the origin, I’ll just call it Dan’s recipe.

It’s basically the ingredients for a real margarita, plus pink lemonade and Prosecco.

However, I couldn’t find pink lemonade where I live. Maybe it was sold out? But I did find strawberry lemonade, which I never knew existed, so I thought I’d try that, mostly because I’m impulsive. Same cocktail, but subtly strawberry flavored. Still pink, in fact hot pink!

I imagine if you’re not having a girls’ party like a bridal shower or somesuch, you can use regular lemonade for this cocktail, but the thought of making and serving a pink drink was so compelling to me!

My girlfriend helped out with a perfect happy hour setting at her house to test out the cocktail. I mean, to help with the photography.

Dan’s Pink Prosecco Margarita

1 cup pink lemonade*
3/4 cup Patron tequila
½ cup Patron orange liqueur
2 ounces lime juice, about 3 small limes
1/2 – 1 cup Prosecco, well chilled
Lime and salt for rimming

Pour the lemonade in a serving pitcher, and add the tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Chill in the refrigerator.

Right before serving, add the Prosecco.

Rim the glasses with lime juice and dip the rim with salt.

I also tried the margarita over ice, mostly because it was hot out and my girlfriend and I had been working so hard on this photo shoot (thanks Jil!) and that was also good. (not pictured.)

Overall, this is a lovely summer cocktail, but in fact, could be served at parties at various times of the year. I can see cranberries thrown in at a holiday party for example!

* Use one 12 ounce can thawed, frozen pink lemonade concentrate, or strawberry lemonade concentrate, and mix with two containers (24 ounces total) of water.

64 thoughts on “Pink Prosecco Margarita

    • Yes, it is on the strong side. It could be made more like a punch without the actual punch if preferred. But I like that this is a margarita with a little pink bubbly, and not bubbly lemonade with a splash of tequila.

  1. Looks very refreshing and you’ve nailed the tutorial for putting it together. Mixologist you are methinks. I always thought pink lemonade was just lemonade with a splash of cranberry juice. Now I’ve got to go on a pink lemonade recipe search.

    • I always thought it was red dye! So I’ve never looked at the ingredients. The strawberry lemonade definitely had a fake color. It’s probably dye. But thank you for the nice comment!

  2. Love the color! And I’ll bet the flavor is pretty darn good, too. Love margaritas of every flavor and hue — thanks!

  3. Beautifully Pictured. Another Famous Recipe! Merci Mimi:) Sounds delicious too. oh and by the way ;-) I’d like to be … another “drinking buddy!” :)

  4. This is most definitely going on my “to make” list. And I know just the prosecco to use!
    Would you make it with strawberry lemonade again? Or would you experiment with something else?

    • Hmmm maybe yes, if I wanted the stronger pink color. The strawberry flavor was almost negligible. I think it’s a decision based solely on the color!

  5. Chef Mimi, I LOVED your authentic Margarita recipe awhile back and the one you posted not ong ago is on my must-make list. Now you’ve come up with another fun version to savor! Thank you to friend Dan (and Mimi for your adaptation), as well as your “photo shoot” buddy. :) No doubt a lovely time was had by all!

    • Thanks, Kim! It was way more fun to do this with my girlfriend, and also helped me since I can only use my camera with my right hand, and typically I’m stuck using my left hand for “action” shots. So I then have to crop all of the spillage!!!

      • Yup, Mimi — I totally agree with you on one-handed “action shots” since my cataract surgery earlier this Spring. I had no idea how much I was missing visually or taste-wise until then! Bravo to you for keeping up appearences. Well done! (And I SO need to try this cocktail!) xo

      • I’m glad it worked for you! My husband had both eyes done, and it’s wonderful!

    • We made them twice because I didn’t like the first version. I don’t personally like strong drinks, but I don’t want to drink lemonade, either…

  6. Yeah, that pitcher of pink prosecco margarita wouldn’t last TWO seconds in this household. I can’t wait to surprise my husband with this cocktail, he’s going to flip his lid!

    • Well, a bit. You could always add a bit more prosecco and lemonade but I wanted this to be more like a margarita first and foremost!

  7. “L’occhio vuole la sua parte” as they say in Italian: the eye wants its share too. This ‘looks’ so inviting and delicious and sort of ‘naughty’. It makes me smile too – can’t wait to try it!

    • Thanks. It’s a great cocktail, if you like a margarita! The pink was accidental. I’m so tired of hot weather, but by August I always am…

    • The original drink was barely a margarita. This version is much better, and I’m not really a fan of strong drinks. But I don’t want bubbly punch, either!

  8. Here’s a toast to you and your friends! Over the course of the last 10 minutes, I read the recipe, ransacked my kitchen, replaced Prosecco with Cremant, the pink lemonade with a fizzy Turkish pomegranate number along the same lines and the refrigerator-time with re-freezable ice cubes. This is one fantastic drink, thanks for pink’ing up my evening~ Cheers~!

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