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My readers know that, maybe because of my advanced age, or perhaps because I’ve always been on the stubborn side, food trends turn me off. But I do know that stubbornness can get in the way of experiencing good food.

Case in point – avocado toast. Perhaps avocado toast didn’t excite me much because avocados are my biggest source of protein, not being a huge meat eater. I didn’t need to serve them on grilled bread to appreciate the wonderful food that they are.

Until I did have avocado toast, that is, and I have to say that they were thoroughly enjoyable!

Recently online I saw a headline for the “new” avocado toast – mushrooms on toast. I immediately envisioned sautéed mushrooms that I top my husband’s steaks with occasionally.

So that’s what I did to make my version of jump-on-the-bandwagon mushroom toast.

Mushroom Toast

Bread slices, like sourdough or French
Olive oil
Mushrooms, sliced, about 1 pound
Butter, about 1/4 cup
Olive oil, about 2 tablespoons
2 cloves garlic, minced
Cognac or brandy, optional
Garlic pepper
Dried thyme
8 ounces Crème fraiche

Brush some olive oil on the bread slices and toast them, either over fire, in a skillet, or in the oven. They should be crispy. Set them aside.

In a large skillet, heat the olive oil and butter over fairly high heat until bubbling, then add the mushrooms.

Keep the heat high, and stir only occasionally while getting some color on the mushrooms. If they stick at all, add a bit more butter, but keep the heat high. This keeps the mushrooms from requiring an inordinate amount of fat.

Once there is good caramelization on the mushrooms, turn the heat to medium, and add the garlic. Stir well for a few seconds.

Immediately add a splash or two of cognac and let it ignite. Shake the pan until the flames extinguish.

Turn the heat to the lowest setting and cook until most of the liquid has cooked off, if there is any.

At that point, season the mushrooms to taste.

Remove the skillet from the heat, let it cool a bit, then stir in the crème fraiche. Heat through.

Place some mushrooms on the toasts using a small, slotted spoon, then pour a spoonful of cream over the top. Serve immediately.

If you want decadence, sprinkle a little finely grated Gruyere, Fontina, or Parmesan on top of the toasts.

Top the toasts with some fresh thyme, parsley, or chives, if available.

If you’re serving these for company, don’t put too many out; they must be warm. There’s nothing much worse than cold mushrooms.

Not only would these be good for hors d’oeuvres, they would be wonderful served with soup. So much better than plain bread!

Verdict: These toasts are fabulous, and any mushroom lover will love these. The toasts would work with finer chopped mushrooms, or even a duxelles.

90 thoughts on “Mushroom Toasts

  1. Love good bread, avocados and mushrooms. It’s a winner in my book. Actually, here in Scandinavia, this dish could qualify as “smushi”. Smushi are small open face sandwiches with different toppings. Quite the rage in Copenhagen these days.

  2. Love your take on alt-toasts… as to that avocado trendy-party, I think it’s very tasty and I’ve enjoyed quite a few versions, just would not blog about them because in my mind there are enough posts about it, no need to add one more… UNLESS, of course, I would stumble on a completely unusual combination, or a totally different method to treat said avocado before incorporating it into toast.. ;-)

    • Well, when Nigella can keep posting avocado toast on IG, I figured I can, too! The options are endless, especially depending on the seasons, so I like that. I just waited cause I don’t eat a lot of bread.

  3. on a side note, I got three notifications of new posts from your blog today, but they are all old posts, from 2014, 2016 – do you have any idea why??? just curious

  4. just finished a slice of avocado toast on sourdough with tomato – LOL! So yummy! I so wish I loved mushrooms. They are so fascinating in so many recipes, yet they still remain possibly the only single thing I just can’t eat.

  5. I don’t like food trends either! I do love avocado toast though… Lately I keep on seeing avocado with chocolate marked as paleo, gluten free, vegan desserts bla bla. Well I’ve had that since I was a child as my mum used to make it, in Indonesia avocado + choc as a dessert has been around forever! Anyway, I’m getting off the tangent here. Your mushroom toast looks great. I made something similar in the form of vol au vents recently, but will do it in toast version next time! xx

    • Oh, vol AU vents! Fabulous. My mother used to make my favorite dinner for my birthday – brains – in those cute puff pastries! Is there a baby yet?

      • Ah yes, Mr H’s favourite are the vol au vents with brains too! Not yet :( I’m a few days overdue already so now the days are very tiring! If nothing happens, I’ll be induced on Friday of next week (so long still!). She’s already very heavy according to the estimates so I’m hoping and being positive that she’ll want to arrive soon!

  6. Lovely, Mimi. I adore mushroom toast ! When I go foraging with my mom in Burgundy (she knows all the mushrooms) and we don’t find too many, we usually make toasts similar to this one (no cognac on ours, though I bet we would all love it! Trying it next time). I was never aware that it was the “new” avo-toast! Hahaha! I deliberately refuse to follow food trends too, but I must admit, avocado on toast (with all the possible variations) is something I adore!

    • THANK YOU Darya. I’d love to know how you prepare them. My French mother was a champion forager, no matter where we lived. But why not?!! I remember not only mushrooms and berries but also watercress and various things that she would make tinctures from for bug bites and what not. We thought she was crazy!

    • I never checked out the recipe online, when I saw the headline about the “New” avocado toast, but this is how I imagine them. Creamy and flavorful!

  7. This is a must try! I hope I can manage to keep them warm. Timing is not my forte’! I always hated button mushroom because of the spongy texture. Once I tried other varieties, I discovered that they don’t all possess that same texture and now I have grown to love those fragrant little fungi!

    • Sometimes timing is challenging. When I catered, usually cocktail parties with hors d’oeuvres, I’d only serve one hot/warm item.

  8. I was in a coffee shop where they were selling open faced avocado toast for 12 dollars. I will make my own available toast if I want one but I prefer your mushrooms toast . If available I like using porcinis or chanterelles.

  9. avocado toast is overplayed everywhere, but you can’t deny how delicious it is (; this mushroom toast looks so awesomely decadent, especially with that creme fraiche stirred in! i’d lick my plate just trying to get the rest of the sauce into my mouth (:

    • I think you said it well. It’s just so good, and can be prepared so many different ways, depending on the season. On the other hand, I’m pretty proud of my mushroom toasts. I have no idea if this is what it’s supposed to be like or not, but it’s damn good!

  10. I endorse all things on toast. It’s a culinary category that’s hard to beat for its versatility. Which is why I too have been tinkering with a version of mushroom toast and it’s remarkably similar to this version so I must be on the right track. GREG

  11. My mother used to serve us “mushroom gravy” on toast when I was a child – your recipe looks quite a bit more flavorful. Can’t wait to try it on toast… or steak!

    • Thanks Stefan. Avocados are my choice of protein source because I don’t like much meat, and meat contains 0 fiber. And they’re good on salads!

  12. Now this is a food trend I can totally get on board with, I love mushrooms. I am usually one step behind the trends and almost always come to the party late. But I am on trend here being a vegetarian I often have sautéed mushrooms with toast! Love this recipe :)

    • There’s nothing too unique about this! Especially for mushroom lovers! I honestly don’t know if this is a trend, it might have been fake news! I know that avocado toast will never end. But why should it?!!

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