Avocado on Grilled Bread


In 2012, my husband and I were visiting my daughter in London and we went out for breakfast. This is what my daughter ordered.

I took a photo of it because that’s always what I’ve done, even before blogging. It was just so pretty: mashed avocado spread on grilled bread, topped with oven-roasted tomatoes and feta cheese. My introduction to avocado toast.

So although slow to embrace food trends, like zoodles and cauliflower rice, I decided to (FINALLY) make avocado toast. It’s not like I knew it wouldn’t be wonderful! Avocados are one of my favorite foods.

Too bad I’m not super artistic, or I could jump on another trend and create art from avocados…

Here’s how I made mine.

Avocado on Grilled Bread

4 tablespoons oil, I used walnut oil
1 garlic clove, minced
Few sprigs of thyme
6 slices good bread, like Ciabatta
2 ripe but not over-ripe avocados
Fresh tomato slices
Goat cheese
Fresh thyme leaves, optional

Warm the olive oil in a butter warmer with the garlic and thyme. Do not let the garlic brown or burn.

Heat a large, flat skillet over medium-high heat. Lightly brush the slices of bread with the garlic oil, and grill the bread face-down until browned. Place them on a serving plate and set aside.

Peel and de-pit the avocados. Scoop out the flesh and place in a medium bowl. Mash with a fork. Season with salt and pepper.

Only prepare the avocado right before serving.

To prepare the “toasts,” spread some of the mashed avocado on the grilled breads and smooth the tops.

Add sliced tomatoes, followed by a generous amount of crumbled goat cheese.

Drizzle the remaining garlic and thyme oil over the avocado toasts and serve immediately.

These are not only for breakfast or a snack or lunch. I can see these served as an hors d’oeuvres with some champagne or rosé!

Alternatively, oven roast small tomatoes in a gratin pan.

Or, use sun-dried tomatoes. It’s all wonderful!

If more protein is desired, one can always add an egg, or some smoked salmon. But I like the simplicity of this preparation.

Do not use inferior bread for these toasts. Use a ciabatta, sourdough, or a hearty multigrain.

These avocado toasts were honestly outstanding. If you love avocado, tomatoes, and feta, then you’ll love these too. Of course, you’ve probably made them already because you’re not stubborn! But I have to say that the garlic and thyme-infused walnut oil was a fantastic addition.

59 thoughts on “Avocado on Grilled Bread

  1. In Australia this is but definitely known as ‘smashed avocado on toast’ and has almost made zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice [both of which I love :) !] seem old-hat! Have to make some of that enticing walnut oil . . . and love your tomato-enriched presentation . . .

    • Thank you. I eat an avocado every day, but usually on a salad. If I look at bread I gain weight, which is another reason I hesitated on making avocado toast!

  2. I love the combination you have created and would enjoy this as an appetizer. I have walnut oil and I bet that made a nice finishing touch! I made something similar but for breakfast; crostini, avocado, slice of bacon and drizzled with maple syrup :)

  3. Absolutely love avocado on toast. The “trend” cracks me up bc my vegetarian grandmother would feed us this for breakfast, lunch & late night snacks when I was growing up! She would put olive oil or safflower mayo on it or sometimes just a dash of lemon. Always delicious!

  4. Love avocados, too! Although it seems we’re both trend food avoiders, looks like this time we were both way ahead of the avocado trend – you in 2012, and me with avocado bruschetta in 2011 :-D .

  5. Nigella could learn a thing or two from you. She actually did a whole episode on toast and regular smashed avocado. Two ingredients! This however I would watch an episode about. :)

  6. Savory toasts like this are so good, aren’t they? I could make an entire meal out of this. :-)

    • They certainly are… I wish I wouldn’t gain weight with bread. That’s such an American thing to say, but it’s unfortunately true. If it wasn’t true I’d definitely enjoy these toasts as dinner every night!

  7. Very nice! I prefer the idea of eating avocado to carving it, and your version sounds so good with the fried garlic and goat cheese. So classy!

  8. What’s not to love in these scrumptious avocado toasts? I often make a meal of it. Love the addition of the infused oils, I’ll have to incorporate those oils in my cuisine. There’s those beautiful purple flowers again.

  9. You will find lots of ‘avo on toast’ over here when you visit! Love an avocado. Yes, I have also seen some Instagram of crazy carved avocados, I would rather just eat it. Ha ha!

  10. Looks so yummy and fresh, I tried a similar snack when a friend of mine brought all the same ingredients hiking with us and combined them the same way :D

  11. I just love avocado toast… how could it be anything but fabulous? You and I see eye-to-eye on food trends but I think this is different than cauliflower rice and zoodles! Those two were created to avoid carbs (something that annoys me, too! Not those who suffer from celiac disease disease those who won’t look at anything with bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, or even carrots! Don’t get me started…), but avocado toast is just plain good! (Sorry about the rant!)

    • I understand… don’t get me started either! Drives me crazy! Regarding trends, it will probably be another ten years before I have a matcha smoothie or macaron…

  12. Finally!!! Avocado on toast (with whatever variation on top: salt & pepper, tomatoes, eggs, parsley…) is one of my go-to things to make when I’m short on time. Yours is the prettiest I’ve seen with the flowers on top! xx

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