Gingerbread Liqueur


Well, it is that time of year after all. With pumpkins, cranberries and sugar plums dancing in my head. So many fabulous flavors to enjoy during the holidays. Eggnog is another favorite of mine. Less favorite is gingerbread. I don’t dislike it, it’s just not part of the top ten on my holiday favorite foods and flavors.

However, I happened to have come across a gingerbread liqueur from a blog last year, and I’ve been saving it until now. For once, I actually know from whose blog this recipe came – it’s from Boozed and Infused!

As always, since you’d have to point a gun at me to follow a recipe to the letter, I changed things up slightly. I just can’t help myself.

So here’s what I did; you can check out the original recipe on Alicia’s blog!

Gingerbread Liqueur

1 large piece of ginger, enough to provide about 1/2 cup diced ginger
1 cinnamon stick, broken in half
6 whole allspice, broken
5 cloves
Good sprinkle fresh nutmeg
1/4 cup molasses
1 heaping tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 cup coffee-infused vodka
1/2 cup brandy
1/4 cup spiced rum

Trim the ginger of its peel. Finely chop the ginger.

In a microwaveable bowl, add the ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg.

Then pour in the molasses and add the brown sugar. Give it a stir, then heat in the microwave for just a minute.

I would have actually added all of the just-used ingredients to a mini blender and emulsified them, but my stupid Magic Bullet wasn’t working properly. It should still work out just fine, however. Although the liqueur might have been “done” after only one week instead of two…

Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved. Let the mixture cool somewhat, then add the vodka, brandy, and rum.

Stir well, then pour into a pint jar and seal. Store in a dark place for two weeks.

Verdict? Tomorrow!

38 thoughts on “Gingerbread Liqueur

  1. Can’t wait to hear how this turns out– I love anything with ginger in it! P.S. I started liking gingerbread a whole lot more when I starting serving it with homemade lemon curd. And I’m the same with making clothes as you are with recipes–I have to put my own spin on every project!

    • This recipe only makes a pint – which didn’t last but one afternoon here! I’d definitely triple the recipe or more, cause you’re gonna want some for yourself!

  2. OK…I have made gingerbread granola and gingerbread pancakes this weekend as we celebrated an early Thanksgiving here. This is what I needed!

  3. Oh yum. This sounds absolutely, positively divine!! I love gingerbread in all of its shapes and forms… being able to drink it sounds even better! Can’t wait to hear the verdict :)

    • Definitely. You know, I should have mentioned that. I happened to have this Voli coffee-flavored/infused vodka that I’d never touched, so just for fun I thought I’d use it. I doubt the coffee part contributed that much at all. Try it with plain vodka, and trust me, make a double or triple batch!

    • Well, I was planning on keeping it in the refrigerator in any case, but after having six drinks (experimentation) between my husband and myself, it was all gone. I would recommend making a quadruple batch and storing in the fridge.

  4. “I would have actually added all of the just-used ingredients to a mini blender and emulsified them”. Wouldn’t the cinnamon sticks dull the mini blender? Although, I guess that it couldn’t be worse than using it to chop up ice for for frozen drinks…. Definitely going to make this. Thanks for posting it.

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