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One day during quarantine when it was too hot to be outside, I happened upon a show called Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. Now I do like Amy Schumer, but this cooking show, where she partners with chef-husband Chris Fischer, shows Amy from a totally different perspective.

I had to google Chris Fischer, and he’s no line cook at Applebees. From Martha’s Vineyard originally, he inherited the family farm, and started the Beetlebung Farmer’s Market, which includes a restaurant. Oh, and he is a James Beard award winner for the Beetlebung Farm Cookbook. The name Beetlebung kind of gives insight into the humor that bonds the two of them.

So, the guy know his chops. And for the show, he attempts to teach his wife basic cooking during their quarantine. Great concept. They’re really cute together, lower left pic. This drink requires a red vermouth called Noilly Prat, pictured below right.

This refreshing drink is reminiscent of sangria, but simpler, and not as alcoholic. It translates to “red wine of summer.”

I estimated the amounts by watching Ms. Schumer pour the first three ingredients into her pitcher. Feel free to adjust according to your taste. I don’t know what it’s “supposed” to taste like!

Tinto de Verano

1 bottle of Spanish red, chilled
2 cans Fresca, chilled
1 cup Noilly Prat rouge, chilled
Juice of 1 lemon
2 oranges, one juiced, one sliced

Pour the wine and Noilly Prat into a large pitcher.

Add the juiced lemon and orange and stir well. Toss in the sliced oranges, and save some for the glasses.

Add the fresca at the last minute. You want the tinto de verona nice and bubbly.

I added ice to two glasses instead of adding ice to the pitcher. I didn’t want it watered down, and it was hot hot hot outside.

The verdict? A perfect ratio of wine, bubbly, and sweet vermouth. I like the citrus flavors as well.

I think I might enjoy this a little bit more than traditional sangria, but I’ll continue to test…

The only negative, is that Amy Schumer Learns to Cook is only four episodes. I want more!

50 thoughts on “Tinto de Verano

  1. This sounds really nice! I’ll have to try it perhaps this weekend. Preferably poolside but the forecast is pretty unstable with sun and clouds and thunderstorms at different times… But even if we’re inside this would be a nice consolation prize. ;-)

    And although I hate to admit it, before this reading post I thought Amy Schumer and Amy Poelher were the same person. I’m getting too old to keep up with popular culture…

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! Definitely different people. And that’s why I read People magazine, to try and keep up, but not sure it works! Trust me, this drink is fabulous. I hope you end up with a sunny weekend.

  2. I didn’t realize there was a Noilly Prat Red! I’ve been cooking with the white one (for fish sauces and the like) for ages, but have never even seen the red one. I’ll probably try to order it online :-)

    • Aw, thank you! I should have tasted it on its own. I really love Dubonnet, which is I think a sweet vermouth? Obviously I’m not very schooled on liqueurs!

    • Come visit me!!! The show was really cute. He is a very patient man – someone who’d really be a good cooking teacher, not just with his wife. And they’re both funny, but his humor is more reserved. The show ends with him telling Amy that he’s going to become a stand up comedian!!!

  3. This also looks incredibly refreshing (similarly to the grapefruit Pisco). I didn’t know Amy had this show, so I will have to look for it. And, I had absolutely no idea that Fresca was still being made. Who knew?

    • Well right now it’s hard to come by. It’s being hoarded! The show was only 4 episodes, but very entertaining!

  4. this sounds fabulous to me. what is fresca please? an orange-flavoured drink? i like the sound of the tv show too… and the name of this drink is lovely too. love your terrific photos.

    • Thank you Sherry. Fresca is a bubbly grapefruit soda. anything lemon-lime, or just really fizzy water would work well also.

  5. Looks like Sangria Mimi, but you say not as alcoholic? Well OK although I do like my cocktails quite alcoholic. Hee hee! I’m impressed you’ve used my favourite Spanish Rioja there (Campo Viejo)! Maybe we have similar excellent tastes in wine? Sounds like an amazing summer drink!!

    • It’s definitely not strong, since they’re basically an equal amount of wine as there is the fizzy soda. It’s very drinkable! The Tempranillo was perfect in this.

  6. Sounds like a great show! We do love summer cocktails, and this sounds like a really fun one. I’ll have to look for those ingredients next time I’m at the liquor store!

    • I’m sad that it lasted only four episodes, cause it was really entertaining. But what a fabulous drink! Hope you can find Noilly Prat.

  7. Mimi, what a great drink idea this is. We try to always keep a bottle or three of Cormoran Tempranillo for chilling in the summer and Noilly Prat rouge is always about, but Fresca isn’t. I didn’t even know it was still around. As I recall, it was a grapefruit-flavored sugar-free drink. Is that correct? I’ll have to see what I can substitute. But, it will be made and soon as our days are warming fast. Thanks for the inspiration to enjoy a new summertime libation…

    • On the show, Amy Schumer, who first experienced this drink in Italy years ago traveling with her sister, said that it could be made with just about anything bubbly. She actually used San Pellegrino when making it, but I just have a thing about Fresca. My friends and family kid me about writing a Fresca cookbook. It’s really good in sangria, and believe it or not, really helps smooth out a margarita. Anyhoo, anything really bubbly, grapefruit-flavored or lemon-lime flavored would work.

  8. Versions of this drink are HUGELY popular in Spain. Madrileños love nothing more than a glass light mix of vermouth, especially at the pre-lunch ‘hora de vermut‘ when its enjoyed with olives or tapas. I’ve been considering a post on it and have even bought a couple of bottles of Spanish Vermut! GREG

    • Nice! My daughter lived in Valencia for a summer, and got turned on to sangria, and she makes it better than anyone. But I don’t think she’d come across this. What I couldn’t believe was how restaurants wouldn’t even open until 10 or 11 at night. My idea of hell!

    • It really is cute. They’re adorable together. I don’t think anyone would thing that of my husband trying to teach me to cook! There would be a lot of swearing!

  9. Early on quarantine, I also stumbled upon their little show, very cute. This drink looks and sounds delicious, perfect for the heat we’ve been experiencing these days.

  10. I had many Tinto de Veranos when I was in Spain this past summer. Not exactly sure what was in those I had, but this version you’re sharing sounds delicious. Having one poolside would be lovely! :-) ~Valentina

  11. This drink sounds fantastic. I do love red vermouth and I love how simple this recipe is. Sangria can be a little more complex, although I truly enjoy a good sangria. Also, I will have to check out their show. It sounds really sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    • I love sangria as well, and I feel it also has to have a significant bubbly component, so I use Fresca in it as well! But this drink is a bit smoother, and easier to drink, which could be a good or bad thing!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, I use it a lot. My friends and family tease me about writing a Fresca cook book! (Of course it would only be drinks!)

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