My husband and I first experienced heavenly stracciatella at the restaurant Manzo, which is located in Eataly, New York City. It was served to us for lunch simply drizzled with olive oil, alongside grilled bread. We also ordered prosciutto for our antipasti.

Stracciatella, we learned, is the inside of buratta. It’s the creamy goodness that spills out when you cut into the ball of buratta. If you love buratta, and haven’t yet experienced stracciatella, just wait. You will think you’ve gone to heaven.

After the wonderful lunch at Manzo, I found stracciatella in Eataly, but didn’t buy it because we were a few days from flying home.

When I got home and searched for stracciatella, I had some trouble. Turns out, according to Wikipedia, “Stracciatella is a term used for three different types of Italian food.”

1.Stracciatella (soup), an egg drop soup popular in central Italy
2.Stracciatella (ice cream), a gelato variety with chocolate flakes, inspired by the soup
3.Stracciatella di bufala, a variety of soft Italian buffalo cheese from the Apulia region

I ordered stracciatella from Murray’s cheese recently, since I can’t get it locally, and I’m so glad I did. But how did I want to serve it?

I thought of the typical ways buratta is served, like with salads, on pasta, or over grilled vegetables. But I wanted to experience it again just like we had a few years before, simply with grilled bread.

What I purchased for the cheese is a Tuscan loaf. White and plain, and perfect for grilling.

Stracciatella is so soft it’s pourable.

I grilled bread and got together a few goodies to highlight the stracciatella.

And I drizzled the stracciatella with good olive oil, just like at Manzo, except that my left handed pour job sucked.

I included dried apricots, walnuts, and Prosciutto on the antipasti platter along with the grilled bread.

There is an experiration date on stracciatella so pay attention to that when you purchase it.

It was as good as I remembered it. Even my husband joined in on the fun!

The cheese is a little messy because it’s so soft. We didn’t care! I’m just so glad I know where I can find this delicacy!

63 thoughts on “Stracciatella

  1. OMG, I need to do an internet search. When we were on our honeymoon in Italy they had a mozzarella bar in Rome. We went twice. The burrata was out of this world. So now I want to make some ciabatta and get this immediately!

    • I truly think it’s the only way to serve it, because of all the cream. It’s not firm like buratta, as you can tell. Incredible flavor!

  2. The only way I’ve ever eaten stracciatella is exactly as you describe here (and only in restaurants in Italy). How luxurious to enjoy it at home! I’m going to ask my burrata maker if they carry it. I bet they do and I never knew… GREG

    • I bet they do! And I was surprised that it wasn’t even expensive.It ain’t cheddar, but still not crazy expensive. Ah, I’d buy it anyway! But what I got was about $1. Per ounce. So worth it! So lucky you already knew about this heavenly cheese!

    • I wasn’t sure I like Eataly when I first read about it, but it is so much fun, and one of the restaurants we’ve eaten at twice. The one on the roof – they change the theme every season.

  3. Right, I had to google “buratta”. Now I see what it is I understand why it would be so delicious! And just served simply with some grilled bread it would be lovely. In fact for me I would serve it with some toasted ciabatta drizzled in olive oil and rubbed with some garlic. Yum!

    • Garlic would be fabulous. Yes, it’s incredible. Hurry and find some! Just eat it with your wife because it dribbles all over!!!

  4. When I first saw the title of this post, I was expecting the gelato. I had totally forgotten about the other use of Stracciatella. So stracciatella can actually be made at home without that much work. I’ve done it at a cooking class before, and it worked well. (I put it inside mozzarella to make burrata.) I said I was going to try making it at home during the last holiday season, but I never got around to it. Maybe this year! This post is inspiring me as your photos look amazing, Mimi!

    • Oh goodness, I didn’t think about making it myself. I only made cheese using kits, besides. I’m glad you’ve had it, though. It’s such an experience. A little messy but oh so good!

  5. Oh my, this looks amazing! I love burrata but never knew you could just buy the insides. I only knew stracciatella as ice cream! Going to have to look for this, though!

    • Well I didn’t either! I saw it on the menu, and I can eat just about anything on grilled bread, but when we heard what is was, we were game. And so happy we had that appetizer.

  6. Mimi, I never new this Stracciatella is the name of the inside of Buratta. That’s so interesting. Burrata is so delicious so THIS sounds like a true delicacy. I love what you served it with — especially the sweet apricots with the salty meat. Lovely. :-) ~Valentina

    • Isn’t that interesting?! I’ve never heard of the soup before. I guess I should make it and the ice cream to be fair!!!

  7. Heavenly delicious! Every time I go back home I use to eat a lot of soft cheeses that here I can’t find or are way too expensive…stracciatella, stracchino…I love them :)
    Then stracciatella is also the tasty and creamy filling of burrata :)
    Can’t wait to go back home :)

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