Salad and Giving Thanks


This year I didn’t get the opportunity to cook Thanksgiving dinner, which is fine. The typical American Thanksgiving meal is quite involved, especially if you’re trying to make everybody happy and satisfy their requests. You can spend days in the kitchen.

But what one misses out on is Thanksgiving leftovers. And I really missed them this year. Fabulous, hearty and delicious food that reheats well, and is perfect for winter weather.

So I was inspired to create a salad inspired by Thanksgiving dishes, even though I had no leftovers. No problem. Grilled turkey, sausage, rice, wild rice, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, and more.

So the following recipe is more of a guide for a Thanksgiving-inspired salad using your favorite Thanksgiving ingredients. Not all of them – that could get quite messy!

Use rice, barley, wild rice, or even quinoa. And then just have fun with the ingredients. Serve at room temperature with your choice of vinaigrette or citrus-based dressing. Here goes.

Salad for Giving Thanks

Combination of brown and wild rice, cooked
Mini Italian sausage balls, cooked
Cooked Brussels sprouts
Turkey tenderloin
Sliced celery
Toasted pecans
Dried cranberries
Vinaigrette of choice

Have a serving platter large enough for the number of eaters. Plan on large servings, because this salad is delicious and addicting!

Have your rice cooked, and make a layer with it on the platter.
Add the sausage balls, followed by the Brussels sprouts.

I cooked a piece of turkey tenderloin in a skillet, seasoned only with garlic pepper. Many Americans use poultry seasoning. I browned the turkey on both sides, then put on a lid and cooked it until it was 155 in the thickest part.

Place the turkey on a cutting board and let it rest. I sliced the tenderloin, but you could cut it up as well.
Add the turkey to the salad. Then add the celery, pecans, and dried cranberries.

Serve the salad warm or at room temperature, topped with the vinaigrette.
an equal amount of sherry vinegar. I poured the mixture in a blender jar, added one clove of garlic, some salt, and about 2/3 cup of olive oil. Blend and go!


note: I wouldn’t recommend using 100% wild rice, which is actually a grass and not legally rice. And because of that fact, too much of it creates a texture similar to alfalfa, which I can only imagine eating.

46 thoughts on “Salad and Giving Thanks

  1. My favorite method of cooking wild rice is to put into boiling water in a good (Nissan) vacuum bottle and let it sit for several hours. If it isn’t quite finished (mine is always perfect), you can boil it a bit on the stove.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Isn’t it interesting how much more Thanksgiving is than just the day? The leftovers (and eventually getting sick of the leftovers) are all part of the fun. Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh I could eat the entire meal in one sitting :). There’s just so much sweet stuff going around, and so hard to resist…’ve come up with a great idea of a salad incorporating all the wonderful flavors this time of year.

  4. I am awed at your Thanksgiving salad combination. I’ll be cooking a small Christmas dinner, and will plan to have what I need for this salad for leftovers. So nutritious and delicious. It looks like a Christmas salad too, don’t you think? RuthAnn, Inspiring Cuisine, Cookbook for Christmas,

  5. Such an interesting combination of ingredients! All festive and delicious, and especially your unique vinaigrette – I wish I could come over your place and tried it!

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