Roasted Goat Cheese with Lavender Honey


For Christmas of 2017, a dear friend who lives in Texas sent me a fabulous gift pack. In it was a jar of lavender honey.

The gifts came from Los Poblanos Farm Foods in New Mexico. The honey is “derived from bees that pollinate a unique blend of regional plants, including our very own Grosso variety of lavender.”

As soon as you open the honey jar, you smell lavender. It is utterly fragrant and delightful.

So how better to showcase this floral honey than to top it on a roasted log of goat cheese?!!

Which is what I did to start off a special meal for my one and only.

Roasted Goat Cheese with Lavender Honey
Slightly adapted NYT Cooking recipe by Sara Dickerman

1 – 8-12 ounce log or slab of a firm goat cheese, chilled
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
1-2 tablespoons lavender honey, or honey of choice
Bread, toasts, crackers

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Select a small oven-to-table earthenware dish or a small ovenproof sauté pan lined with aluminum foil to help transfer the cheese to a plate after roasting.

Place the log in the dish and cover with the olive oil.

Bake until the cheese is soft and springy to the touch but not melted, about 8 minutes.

Preheat the broiler.

Heat the honey in the microwave or over a pan of simmering water until it is fluid enough to be spread with a pastry brush.

Paint the surface of the feta with it. Broil until the top of the cheese browns and just starts to bubble. (As you can tell I opted to dropper the warm honey onto the soft cheese.)

Serve immediately with breads, toasts, or crackers.

You can also include pickled or roasted vegetables, according to the recipe author.

Alternately, add fresh fruits like strawberries and peaches, or dried fruits like dates and figs.

I might do this in the future, but this time, just the crackers with the roasted goat cheese, and the sweetness of the floral honey were just a perfect combination, topped with edible flowers for some prettiness!

note: A pretty oven-to-table gratin dish would have been a better choice than messing with a piece of foil, which did not help with sliding/moving the molten log of goat cheese to the serving platter!

55 thoughts on “Roasted Goat Cheese with Lavender Honey

  1. I love your addition of the eatable flowers. This would make such a beautiful appetizer. We often roast Chèvre cheese with honey, but never lavender honey. Must try it with the flowers, such lovely presentation.

  2. This both looks and sounds lovely. We have some lavender farms nearby, I’ll have to check for the honey when the markets open in April. I love the flower too — they add a something special to it.

  3. What a perfect recipe as I love goat cheese and lavender is my favorite herb. Making your own lavender honey is very easy when you run out… I use to have 15 plants but now that I have downsized to a condo I will have to visit a local farm. Edible flowers are always a nice touch!

    • My lavender plants are touch and go, depending on the amount of rain we get, sadly. But that is a good idea to make my own!

  4. Thanks for giving me my new appetizer! My parents have just sent me a couple of different types of honey such as fireweed honey. This will be a great way to showcase them:)

  5. This looks terrific! Love roasted goat cheese. And although we don’t (usually) grow lavender, we have friends who have TONS of it. We’ll borrow some of theirs. :-)

  6. Love roasted goat cheese but we’ve never done it with honey. I often wonder how they can really guarantee that the bees are exclusively going to one particular flower or another…. :) But, if it smells like lavender, it must be so.

    • Thanks, Abbe! I keep the flowers in my freezer – I hope that keeps them safe! They weren’t cheap, so I use them sparingly!

    • Thank you! It worked really well! Although baked goat cheese is a bit on the messy side if it’s not contained.

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