Roasted Crabapples


I wrote recently about using apples picked from my apple tree, in order to share the apples with the sneaky raccoons so they don’t steal them all. Now, it’s not that I don’t like being resourceful, it’s just that unfortunately these apples aren’t the greatest tasting apples. They’re somewhat dry and bland, and for that reason alone, I’ve donated them to the raccoons in previous years.

Now crabapples were something I was not familiar with at all until we moved to this property about 11 years ago. We have one crabapple tree, which is right next to the apple tree.

I know people make a lot of crabapple jelly, and when I was pondering what to do with a bunch of apples and crabapples that I’d picked off of the two trees, I really wanted to do something different from jelly.

So all I came up with was the apple-based chutney, and the apple-peach butter. Not that creative, but they were both great.

What I needed to do was actually taste the crabapples, because I never have before. Or perhaps if I did, I put it out of my memory.

Yuck. What sour little things. And not only that, but they have seeds.

The day I was forcing myself to figure something to do with these crabapples was also a day I was wishing for fall to come faster. I had a poussin to roast, along with some sweet potatoes. Bingo.

Into a large bowl, I placed cut up sweet potatoes, a few of those green apples, chopped, and some whole crabapples.

I tossed them all in some olive oil with some salt, pepper, and dried thyme.

Then I simply placed everything around the seasoned poussin and roasted away.

I had also steamed some Brussels sprouts (did I mention how much I love fall?) and put those on a plate with chicken and the roasted vegetable and fruit mix.


The verdict? Roasted crabapples are delicious. And, of course, they pair really well with sweet potatoes. Plus, you can’t really feel the seeds when the crabapples are roasted, which to me, is a plus.

It was 103 degrees outside but I didn’t care. This meal was fabulous. I’m going out to pick more crabapples!!!

40 thoughts on “Roasted Crabapples

  1. What a genius you are! This is fabulous. I’ve had so many crabapples and never knew what to do with them. My front lawn smells like it is fermenting. We have a different variety, so I will let you know!

  2. Haha! Who knew? I have never tasted, nor have I ever opened up a crabapple to know that it would have seeds like that! This looks so delicious, Mimi! I think my parents still have a crabapple tree in their yard…I might have to go and see what I can get from there. I’d like to try your recipe.. <3

  3. I grew up with a crab apple tree, and the only thing we did with them was to make our friends eat them raw as a part of truth and dare! You are much more creative finding a better way to eat them.

  4. Lol! The high temps in Florida never stop me from turning on my oven! I had thought you couldn’t eat crab apples as they would give you a horrible stomach ache! Maybe that is due to too much raw apples! This sounds so wonderful, definitely a fall feast!

  5. There was a crabapple tree near my house growing up and it would drive me crazy because not only would all the fruit fall on the sidewalk and turn into a big mushy mess, but the squirrels would knock them down on my head as I was passing underneath.

    That said, this looks like a lovely dish. I might just have to put my memories aside to admire it for a moment. Pairing the crabapples with sweet potato is a great idea!

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