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There have been times that, when commenting on recipe posts in which beets are roasted, that the beets aren’t really roasted. We’ve all done it – we place whole, trimmed beets in a foil package with a little olive oil and salt, steam-cook them till tenderness, remove the peels, and voila! But they’re not really roasted, are they?!!

So I set out to actually roast beets, as one would potatoes or broccoli. I know they will be good, like all roasted goodies. My husband claims that roasted broccoli is better than candy!
So here’s what I did.

Really Roasted Beets

3 beets
Olive oil
Black pepper

Preheat oven to 375 degree roast setting, or 400 degrees.

Trim tops and bottoms of beets.


Peel the beets completely.


Chop the beets into 12ths. Or just make fairly uniform pieces of the beets, any shape you prefer. Place the beets in a baking dish, and drizzle some olive oil over them. Sprinkle them generously with pepper and salt.


Place the baking dish in the oven. After about 15 minutes, use a spoon and toss them around to brown the pieces on different sides. Continue roasting for 10 or so minutes. They should be nicely browned, but also piece a chunk to test for tenderness.


If they’re still firm, turn off the oven and let the baking dish sit in the oven for 15 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let cool to room temperature.

I used them in a salad so as to let the roasted beets really “shine.”


For the vinaigrette, I used some beet juice strained from a can of beets, along with an equal part of leftover Riesling and reduced it. I then added red wine vinegar, olive oil, a little heavy cream, and a pinch of salt.



If you want recipes for other “reduction” vinaigrettes, check out Beet Vinaigrette, or Beet Apple Vinaigrette.

The roasted beets are exactly what roasted beets should be. Tender beets with a lovely roasted exterior!


59 thoughts on “Roasted Beets

  1. Agree with you on the non-roasted roasted beets – most people do it that way and don’t find anything strange about it

    as you might remember, I married the Anti-Beet, but I’ve been flirting with gorgeous beets at the grocery store when I am alone.. HA! I think I see this dish in my future… mine all mine!

  2. Guilty as charged — I usually wrap my beets in foil when “roasting.” What I’m actually doing is steam-roasting. Or perhaps more accurately, steam-baking. I’ve actually wondered why we all call them “roasted” when clearly they were not. Still good, though. Anyway, glad to see you do it properly — thanks!

  3. Gorgeous salad! My husband loves beets, but I must admit that I am the “anti-beet” one in the household, and since I do the majority of the cooking he never gets them, ha! But he does get to eat some whenever I get a salad with beets on it. :)

  4. Great post, Mimi. You’re right about the terminology and this is a great way to prepare beets. If you buy them with the tops, the stems are great roasted, too (and you could use the leaves in the salad).

  5. I have always roasted mine skin-on, but totally agree with you.. that’s not really giving the beets the roasted texture we all love. Beets and goat cheese salad is always a classic. Great post :)

  6. I find roasting beets this way to be a lot easier and much less messy. My husband and I love beets and your salad would certainly please us.

  7. We once made a “rainbow vegetable roast” using all sorts of colorful vegetables, including red beets. The red beets were a big mistake, because the rainbow turned out to be red, red, red, red, red, pink, red. Oh well, we learned a lesson, but have a great vegetable roast! I love the idea of roasting broccoli – I’ll have to give that a try.

  8. As the lone and lonely beet eater in the house, I like beets enough to go ahead and make them just for myself. You’ve created a gorgeous salad that I truly admire but I really thank you for showing me what to do with fresh beets! My mother never cooked beets and as a matter of fact I can’t remember ever eating them so of course it was always a puzzle to me as far as what to do with these gems. Thank you!

  9. I LOVE beets! I think they are my favorite vegetable! I think they taste like dirt! ;) Well really that earthy taste. I think roasting root vegetables is the best way to bring out their sweet flavor. I do the same thing with brussel sprouts. Yummy!!

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