Pistachio Feta Dip


Pistachios add a beautiful emerald-green to holiday foods like Christmas bark and festive biscotti, but what about the really green holiday – St. Patrick’s Day?!!

Maybe I’m just really into color – I’ve certainly been accused of that – but I saw this dip online and just knew I’d be making it for St. Patrick’s day, on March 17th, 2018. Way more fun than Irish stew, and you can still enjoy your green beer.

I’m basing my recipe on the one from The Lemon Apron, a gorgeous blog by young Jennifer, who believes in “rustic, indulgent, and healthy home cooking.”

She got the original recipe from the book Persiana, by Sabrina Ghayour.

What I especially loved about this dip is that there is no TAHINI or CHICK PEAS in it!!! Hummus is wonderful, but there are other dips out there.

Case in point – this one is a beautiful purée of pistachios, along with feta and yogurt. YUM!

Pistachio Feta Dip
Slightly Adapted
Printable recipe below

3 1/2 oz (100 g) shelled pistachios
1/4 cup olive oil
7 oz (approx 200 g) feta cheese
2 handfuls of parsley, roughly chopped
1 garlic clove peeled and crushed
1 jalapeno, seeded and chopped
6 ounces Greek yogurt
Zest of one lemon
Juice of 1/2 lemon

Blitz the pistachios and olive oil in a food processor for 30 seconds.

Add the feta, parsley, garlic, chile pepper, yogurt and lemon.

Blitz until the mixture is well combined and has a rustic texture and place in a serving dish. I drizzled some olive oil over the top.

Serve with warmed focaccia or flat bread, pita crackers, crackers, or crostini.

I used Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips because they’re so delicious.

I realized after-the-fact that if I’d removed the brown, thin skins from the pistachios, the dip would have been greener. But oh well. You will still be addicted!

There isn’t one thing I don’t absolutely love about this dip. I’ll be making it again, even when it’s not St. Patrick’s Day.

Note: In the original recipe, dill and cilantro are both used. I made an executive decision to just use parsley, because I wanted this dip to be more generic in flavor, in order to match it with other hors d’oeuvres I was serving.

I noticed that Jen spread the dip on toast and topped it with an egg! Yeah!!! (her photo below)



75 thoughts on “Pistachio Feta Dip

  1. What a lovely combination of flavours! I love having different dip recipes, so thank you. I rarely do ‘starters’ now but just offer dips, breads, cold meats, etc with drinks before a meal and this sounds like a great one to add to my repertoire.

    • And it’s not like a super cheesy dip (not that I dislike those!) but it’s more on the sophisticated side. My husband spread the leftover sip on just about everything!

  2. Great combination. I can’t say I have ever come across a pistachio feta dip before, but you’re right. It would be great for St. Patrick’s Day!

  3. Wow Mimi – I know I will love this dip! Pistachios have such wonderful flavor and the addition of feta is brilliant!

  4. Wow Chef Mimi – I can only agree with all of the other comments – what a fantastic alternative to using chickpeas – I can imagine how well the nutty and feta flavours combine. It’s on my-to make list!

  5. I must admit that I’ve never thought about puréeing pistachios as a dip, but I can see how it would work. And I do love feta cheese! This sounds like a fun dip for St. Patrick’s Day…or any other day of the year. haha! Thanks for sharing this one…I’m putting it on the list to try next time we invite friends over!

  6. This recipe, packed with nutiriton, looks perfect for me. Thanks for sharing! I especially like the idea of pairing the dip with an egg, as I have an egg every morning with some combination or other of veggies. And I’m one of those people who adores cilantro :).

  7. Hi Mimi, Just seeing this! So glad that you liked this. I do have to thank you in referring to me as ‘young Jennifer’! haha! We’re probably closer in age than you realize! We could have gone to school together!!

    • It’s really different, and I’ve made a lot of dips in my day! (Maybe I shouldn’t be so proud of that?!!)

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