Paloma Margarita

Yes, one more margarita recipe! This is a recipe I had hand written on a recipe card many years ago, but then recently discovered it online when I was researching the source of the name “Paloma.” The same margarita is on the Food Network Website. It’s a different kind of margarita recipe in that it contains grapefruit juice.

But first I have to brag about my recent purchase, a Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press from Amazon. It’s not inexpensive, but so worth the expense if you love margaritas and your hands can’t handle squeezing 30 limes at a time.

This appliance works with any size citrus fruit, from limes to grapefruits.

What is also really nice is that with little effort, more juice is removed than any kind of manual squeezing in my experience.

In fact, it’s so “fun” to use, I’ve been keeping a bottle of lime juice in my fridge, and it’s more handy than I even expected! Need lime juice for a quick lime dressing? Done! How about some lime juice for guacamole, or even for a quick limeade! Done! It’s very handy and stays fresh in a lidded bottle.

But the Paloma margarita story doesn’t end here. (I never did figure out why the name Paloma…) My daughter and her family were visiting for a pool party kind of day, and I thought I’d serve the Paloma margaritas to the big people; it was a perfect opportunity to test the recipe.

Well, my daughter and I made them, and we hated them. So my more bartender-talented daughter stepped in and created the following recipe. (She’s always saved my sangrias in the past as well!)

There’s still grapefruit juice in this cocktail, but it’s also definitely a margarita.

Paloma Margarita
Makes 2 drinks

4 ounces tequila
4 ounces grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed
Juice of 1/2 small lime
5 drops of Stevia
Fresca, chilled

Prepare two glasses with a salt rim, and fill the glasses with ice.

Combine the tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and stevia in a cocktail shaker. Add a little ice and shake to cool the margarita.

Strain the ice and divide the margarita between the two glasses. Top each drink with about 2 ounces of Fresca.

Ta da! You’ve got one of the most enjoyable margaritas ever. If you enjoy grapefruit juice.

Make sure to use good, ruby-red grapefruit for maximum sweetness.

If you don’t like salty rims, add a pinch of salt into each cocktail. It really adds something special.

You can adjust the amount of stevia used as well, or substitute a teaspoon of simple syrup.

I thought this margarita was spectacular. There’s something about tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, and salt….

31 thoughts on “Paloma Margarita

  • Interesting! I’ve never thought about grapefruit margaritas, but I’m not one to turn down a cocktail. Plus, I love grapefruit juice! (I’m that weird kid who always wanted a container of grapefruit juice in the fridge.) This recipe sounds delicious, Mimi!

  • Hi Chef Mimi,
    I love this recipe because it is nice and simple with natural ingredients. I always disliked using the margarita mix in the bottle. When I saw you included Fresca in the recipe, I wasn’t sure what it was, but then I remembered the soft drink that has been around forever.
    Also, I will look into the high powered juicer. Thanks so much for the post!

    • It’s a big joke around here because I use Fresca in a lot of drinks, including sangria. It truly makes a difference with its slight grapefruit and citrus flavors, plus the fizz. Club soda would also work.

  • My kind of cocktail, Mimi! Love that tart citrus! And, wow, that citrus press! I’d love one of those! Not that I have any space for 1 more gadget, but…maybe for the Christmas list!

    • It’s expensive enough for a Christmas wish! As an older person 😬 my hands can’t handle all of the squeezing, so this thing is a blessing. Wish I’d had it ages ago!

  • i love grapefruit juice! as you probably read too, they think the paloma was named after a popular folk song in the 1860s! But still, that doesn’t explain it really. these look pretty too…

    • I never could figure out the Paloma name.. it was all pretty random and vague. But let’s hear it for grapefruit juice lovers!

  • So, I need the juicer… now I just need to convince Mark that HE needs the juicer!! I love the recipe, too… but am curious: why Stevia versus simple syrup? I see you give the option of a teaspoon – is Stevia really that good? I must admit I don’t use any fake sugars because I have always found they leave an aftertaste (sometimes during, as well!). I trust you implicitly but really do want to know.

    • This is one brand that I love, and there isn’t any bad after taste or during. I have experimented in the past with other brands, and some really are terrible. I put a squirt in my espresso every morning, and do use it to make limeade or lemonade. I guess it’s more of a habit. I’ve never loved sugar much. I can’t even have a mojito because it sickens me seeing all of the sugar getting mulled with the mint. I won’t ingest any chemical sugars, but stevia really is a plant. And I’m not trying to pretend that this is a healthier margarita! So, to me, stevia is good, in that this brand tastes good, and I like that’s it’s an alternative to sugar. I wouldn’t even call stevia a fake sugar. Hope that helps.

    • It’s really nice. Unfortunately it took me having arthritic thumbs to buy the darn thing. But everyone should have one! I love margaritas made with orange juice!

      • Oh that’s nice. Real juicers are such a pain to clean from my experience, which is why I don’t own one now. This is just for citrus and you wash 3 little parts.

  • Love a good Paloma! No one knows how it got its name, but in Spanish it means the “Dove.” One theory is it was named after a popular Spanish song written in the 1850s. BTW, the original recipe uses grapefruit soda, not juice (Squirt was probably the original grapefruit soda). Anyway, good drink.

    • Well I don’t know if I made the original or not, but we sure didn’t like it! We had spindrift grapefruit soda that day as well, playing with that as an ingredient. But I love what my daughter came up with!

    • Like most everything else, I get my stevia at Amazon! They sell 2 ounce bottles and 4 ounce bottles. It’s really handy for my occasional lime ade. A couple of squeezed limes and a little squirt of stevia and it’s a healthy refreshing drink!

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