My Last Meal


I’m not dying nor on death row. My last meal is something I’ve occasionally thought of, especially while enjoying favorite foods or dining at a fabulous restaurant. Or I’ll see a beautiful meal on a food blog and think, “That could easily be my last meal!”

It’s not a morbid thing in my mind. My last meal is a happy, celebratory thing, because if I could plan my last meal, then I’d also have the ability to eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow, cause there wouldn’t be. It would be a day-long meal of happy eating and drinking.

Upon rising, I would enjoy coffee, as I have for decades. My day never starts without espresso. Maybe with a croissant with butter and seedless raspberry jam.

Two perfectly-cooked soft-boiled eggs.

Chicago pizza. From Giardano’s, cause they deliver.

Next would be warm, boiled, fresh potatoes with unsalted butter and slices of Fontina or Taleggio or Morbier. Or all three.

Then mimosas with my two daughters.

An everything bagel with lox and cream cheese. And I’d eat the whole bagel.

A baked Brie with a cherry chutney, and good bread.

I’d stop for some fresh spring radishes spread with unsalted butter and coarse salt.

Lasagna. No, make that pastitsio. Or both.

I’m not big on sandwiches, but my last day-long meal would have to include a BLT. Good uncured bacon, garden-fresh summer tomatoes, and lettuce.

Chips with fresh salsa, spicy queso, and guacamole. And a Pacifico.

Paté. My mother’s recipe. Or foie gras, medium-rare, served on grilled bread.

Pasta Trapanese. Or maybe Puttanesca. Let me think. With a favorite pinot noir.

There would have to be a full raclette spread, with at least 6 friends.

Fire-grilled octopus. Maybe mixed with other fire-grilled seafood, but lots of octopus. And squid.

Then my husband’s burger, made by him, served on a brioche bun, toasted with butter. With lots of ketchup and mustard. Eaten with my husband.

A glass of Sauternes.

Roasted chicken, just out of the oven, cooked to perfection. I will eat it right out of the roasting pan.

Dim sum. All of it. Except chicken feet.

Last but definitely not least – a cheese platter, with all of my favorites old and new.

I’m not a big dessert eater, but I do love ice cream. I’d eat so much of it that I’d need a blanket to warm myself up!

And there would be lots of port. Or sherry. Or both.

So all of this is unlikely to happen, but maybe the point is, we can enjoy our meals like they are our last meals? Each and every one? Not to the point of gluttony, of course, 😬

The French have it figured out. Aperitif. Long lunches. Fabulous food. Wine. Hors D’oeuvres. Dinner. Often with friends. Definitely with family. Dessert. Dégustation.

A croissant or crème caramel isn’t viewed by the French as calories or with guilt, unlike us Americans. It’s about enjoyment and moderation. My mother, at age 92, still enjoys chocolate every day, and a cookie.

Let’s enjoy our meals. You never know – one will be our last.

63 thoughts on “My Last Meal

  1. Whoa, you had me going there for a moment… ;-)

    Seriously, though, I was fascinated to see how many “last meal” dishes we have in common. Including the dim sum (although I’d go for the chicken feet, too). And like you I’m not big on desserts. Sounds like we have quite a bit in common when it comes to food.

    • Fascinating! Isn’t dim sum fabulous? I am an adventurous eater, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t try chicken feet… My Chinese friend says there’s a special way to eat them, so I might have to get a lesson first!

  2. I just signed up on a health portal and one of the security questions often asked “what’s your favorite food”. Sometimes I want to put down something exotic but I’m afraid I would forget so I just stick with “pizza”. Your list includes lots of things I love – cheese, pasta, dim sun (no feet for me either). I do enjoy desserts especially cheesecakes!

    • I always write cheese, because that’s definitely my favorite food. and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it!

  3. That has to be more than one last meal, Mimi! 😉 But lots of things I love too like good French cheese, a simple but perfect roast chicken and BLT is my favourite sandwich.

    • It’s my interpretation! I guess if I died after breakfast I’d die happy! Roast chicken is magical.

  4. Words to live by Mimi! We should enjoy all of our food, make it worth the enjoyment and life it brings. No gluttony = No guilt! Oh to have that French perspective would make so many happier. Love you list of favorites!

    • Thank you! I have chocolate in my pantry and don’t touch it. But there are certain foods that I can’t have around because I can be gluttonous! My mother obviously didn’t teach me well!

    • Nope. Not at all. An old friend, who is younger than I am, died in four months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. And she never smoked. The good thing is, she always enjoyed life, including food and wine.

  5. Mimi, I absolutely loved your post and photos — what a sublime repast! (Food for thought, n’est-ce pas?) Recently I was blessed with a book entitled “French Women Don’t Get Fat” (author Mireille Guiliano) and it continues to be one of my favorite reads, along with “Becoming Madame” by Ollivia de la Valliere. Okay, Julia Child’s cookbooks, too! :) How Americans eat (vs. the French) is vastly different, culturally and expectation-wise. No super-sized meals. No all-you-can-eat buffets. They’re deliberate and intentional — or as you so eloquently stated: “It’s about enjoyment and moderation.” And savoring…

    I’m savoring ALL of your dishes (except perhaps octopus/squid; lobster for me, please.) I’d also eat every pasta dish, bread, and cheese that I can’t right now. Spaghetti carbonara. Bruschetta. Maybe even a bologna sandwich on white bread — with butter, of course

    • All of that sounds wonderful. Bologna can be very good! That book is a great read, I guess I should probably re-read it! I can definitely be a bit overindulgent at times. Not at all like my mother. My mother always got made when people claimed that they were “full” after a meal, since that’s not supposed to be the purpose of eating!!!

  6. If one knew it was their last day, what an adventure it would be to be able to just reach out for which ever one took your fancy and savour. One after the other, tasted and savoured. It is a dream thought.
    Oh well, back to reality – bolt down that coffee, grab your coat, and out the door for work!!!

  7. My mouth is watering!! You picked some of my all-time favorites here, I am ON BOARD. I’d have to throw in shrimp cocktail, some oysters, a lobster roll, a taco and some scotch from Islay. :)

    • Nice. I left out a few things, just for the sake of post length! I always requested puff pastry cups filled with creamed brains for my birthday dinner when I was growing up! They were fabulous! And bring back great memories.

  8. That’s going to be a very long last meal 😀 although I have to say as someone who comes from the other side of the pond what did the people of Chicago do to pizza? Is that some sort of pizza quiche?

    • I know! It’s my interpretation of my last day of eating, I guess! Chicago pizza is incredible. Each slice weighs about one kilo! It’s meat, sauce, and cheese in a fabulous crust. It’s a very gluttonous experience to eat it!

  9. That title of your post was a bit ominous, but as I started reading I went aaaah. My husband and I also play the “last meal” game quite often. Mine is usually Thai food of some sorts. Since this is yours, it’s probably the responsible thing to do to try it!

  10. Oh man, you’re gonna be full after that day! :-) At first, I was like “where is Mimi going with this post title?” I get it, though. I bet you had so much fun writing this post! And I bet you were really hungry after you finished it, too. Haha. I love how specific you are in there with the seedless jam and unsalted butter. I mean if it’s your last day, you gotta have it done the right way! Great post, my friend!

    • Absolutely right! I think raspberry jam should be seedless. And there’s nothing quite like real butter. Speaking of that, are you aware of any butter that doesn’t contain water? I’ve tried as many as I can get my hands on, and they’re all horrible.

  11. What a super scrumptious collection of lasts. Each one looks tastier than the next. That said, that espresso alone would make me very happy. Okay, WITH the croissant. :-)

    • Hahahahaha! I have a Nespresso machine. I hadn’t heard of Nespresso till I moved my daughter to London many years ago and discovered the brand at a major department store there. I loved hers so much I had to buy one!

    • Isn’t that funny? Food and memories. I was raised on radishes with butter and salt, so I don’t know another way to eat them!

  12. Wow Mimi, that is a lot of great food! If I can plan it that way, I would like to throw a huge party instead of a funeral service and be there myself before ‘pulling the plug’. (To me a funderal service where I am not present does not make any sense.) And then finish my wine collection and spend what remains on my bank account for food for everyone. I will have to invite a lot of people if my wine collection is still 1,000 bottles like it is now 😀

    • That is a truly wonderful plan. Or, idea! So very thoughtful. More thoughtful than myself, since I only included friends with the raclette part of my last meal! But seriously it’s the ultimate for people like us who love to cook and share. That’s quite a wine collection! Are you going any further with your wine studies?

  13. Oh, my mouth is watering! I could eat all of those. A new idea are the radishes with butter and salt, so simple yet it never occurred to me to put butter on radishes. Definitely have to try it!

    • It is simple. I was raised with eating radishes this way, so I never think to even put them in a salad! I just automatically reach for the butter and salt!

  14. Fun post! Maybe a bit weird to say that about one’s “last” meal, but I do like the idea of thinking about it (and I don’t consider it morbid either). I need to start planning MY last meal. :-)

    • I know, it’s weird for me to even say, “that could be my last meal!” It’s just all about the best food, and enjoying it. I have no trouble enjoying food!!!

  15. I would never miss an espresso in the morning neither! Now I do have a Nespresso machine now. I got it as a wedding present and I am now completely addicted. The coffee from these machines is simply gorgeous. I love the look of all the food and sometimes I think I would never want to know when my last meal will be (not that we know it!). Food is just so everything! I can’t think of a better pleasure in life.

    • Exactly!!! I know a few people who practically have to set a timer to remind them to eat a meal!!! I am not one of those people! I think I’d rather not know when I’m eating my last meal, either. Fingers crossed!

  16. “Dim sum. All of it. Except chicken feet.” Absolutely agree with you there Mimi! On our last day in Hong Kong in June we went to a traditional Dim sum restaurant and had an amazing feast. But mistakingly ordered chicken feet. I gave them a go but I’ll just sum them up by saying “yuck”. LOL!!

  17. Fun post, Mimi! Glad to know you aren’t on Death Row, or at Death’s Door! I like the way you think, and you have me thinking now…

  18. Like many who commented, I’m so glad you’re not about to exit us. What a fun and thought invoking post. I want everything you listed, especially the Dim Sum and I also do want the chicken feet.

    • You are welcome to dine on chicken feet! I should be a bit more adventurous… but they’re just not appealing!

  19. Oh, you have me thinking!! That lox and bagel would be on my list along with the Brie, BLT, and definitely Giordano’s Pizza! I’d need a little dessert, too, but not sure I could narrow it down to one or two :)

  20. Oh my gosh, what a list of wonderful dishes!! I tried chicken feet for the first time about a month ago. Not a fan but then sometimes you have to try things more than once and prepared by a different restaurant or person so I do try to keep an open mind but I don’t think I’d seek them out. I would love to be at your Raclette party most of all!

  21. Fascinating! I have never thought about my last meal (or last day’s meals), but I often think of last drink or rather last bottle and already have a short list of several bottles I’m particularly fond of (not Sauternes though). If I had several meals to eat on my last day I’d also love to have some of my mum’s pâté…

    • Pâté is pretty wonderful! Interesting you’ve thought about bottles. I do have a favorite red – and I forgot to include that! Sauternes is like a little treat for me. Better than a piece of chocolate.

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