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If you’re not familiar with Midori, it is a melon-flavored, grass-green liqueur. What I didn’t know, is that Midori is the Japanese word for green, and it was manufactured only in Japan until 1987, according to Wikipedia.

It’s a sweet liqueur, so it needs to be diluted with fizzy liquids, which can include club soda, Prosecco, tonic water or, my favorite – Fresca!

If you’re a martini lover, midori can be mixed with lemon juice and vodka, shaken with ice and strained.

Sweet and sour mix can also be used as a mixer, but something like lime juice is required to cut the sweetness. And lastly, Midori can be turned into an adult slushy for a seriously refreshing summer drink. So many options.

All I’m doing today is mixing Midori with Fresca. It’s a bubbly grapefruit soda that I use a lot, even in sangria. So it didn’t take much brainpower to or the skills of a mixologist to create this combination, but just in case you haven’t discovered Midori, I wanted to post on it.

And that’s it! I do about a 50-50 mixture of Midori and Fresca, but that can be adjusted of course.

Of course ice cubes can also be added to the Midori Fizz.

If you love the taste of sweet melon, you will love Midori!

I posted on a Pimm’s float before, and now I’m thinking about a Midori float!!! Yes!!!

60 thoughts on “Midori Fizz

  1. What an interesting combination! I want to say the only way I’ve had Midori was with Cointreau, but that’s been a while. Fresca, genius.

  2. I completely agree – it is so sweet, that it needs to be diluted! We use soda water and lemon juice – so I imagine soda water and grapefruit juice would work really well! What amazes me is that green

    • It’s definitely not too sweet diluted with club soda and served with ice, but I know what you mean. I don’t like oversweet anything!

  3. For all those who are attracted to the green a great refresher is freshly squeezed juice of a lemon, whizzed with mint leaves and and a little sugar (to taste), diluted with mineral water (I think similar to what you are calling club soda) and poured over ice. We drink gallons of it, literally, in 40degC Romanian summers.

      • Of course you are right, but alcohol doesn’t go down too well in that sort of heat, at least not for me. I was interested to learn of Midori; I’d never heard of it before. Something more I’ e learned from your blog, thank you.

      • That’s what I was saying – not something to drink all day in the heat!!! I couldn’t do it on a cold day!!!

  4. Love the color! And a fizz is such a nice summer drink. I don’t actually have Midori on hand — need to get some. So I can make this. :-) Thanks!

  5. Wow, do they still make Fresca? Haven’t had it in years. Used to love it with gin, a F&T if you will. Midori is a beautiful colored liqueur with a wonderfully summertime taste.

    • Yes, it’s so good. I remember Fresca in the 60’s! But yes, it’s still around. If i want a refreshing cocktail I’ll make a vodka Fresca!

  6. What an interesting summer drink idea, Mimi! I would never have thought about pairing this with Fresca, but it makes perfect sense with the flavors. I’m not sure I’ve ever had Midori, so I’ll have a grab a bottle next time I’m in the liquor store. Looks delicious!

    • You could always start with club soda or even sparkling water, but Midori definitely needs to be diluted!

    • I think I single handledly cause a resurgence of the stuff! And then turned it on to all of my friends. It’s really good in sangria, too! And mixed with vodka.

  7. That sounds wonderful! I have not had Midori in years. I used to have it in melon margaritas.

  8. Great combo, I can almost taste it already~! I will give a shot next weekend :) I remember being absolutely terrified of the stuff back when I was waitressing myself through university – our barkeep had the liqueur’y stuff sorted by color and the Midori was nestled right between two acid green bottles, one Absinthe and one terrible mint number nobody ever touched with a ten-foot pole after their first whiff of the stuff. All three of them went into the same cocktail with apple juice. Needless to say I gave Midori a wide berth for quite some time until I was served a Midori Sour Sorbet during a fancy dinner – I have a bottle of Midori in the booze cabinet ever since~

    • What a great story! You should make that sorbet, it sounds good! Midori is so sweet, but with the ice and bubbly club soda (or whatever) it’s refreshing!

  9. I have completely forgotten about Midori! I had a frothy honeydew melon, vodka, Midori smoothie type drink poolside once and I thought it was the best thing I’d ever tasted! I also love Fresca which is a bit of a throwback, as I probably haven’t had that since I was a teen!

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