52 thoughts on “Lumaconi with Short Rib Sauce

  1. Definitely a meal fit for a King or Queen perhaps? :) Love the pasta, so original, and that sauce with the short ribs, the wow factor comes screaming through!

  2. What a grand solution to a wonderful problem to have! Short ribs are one of my favorite ragus to make. And that pasta! Almost look like little mussel shells. Beautiful.

    • Aren’t they amazing?!! I love short ribs, too. I think it’s my first time ragu’ing them – I love them whole as well.

  3. Sounds wonderful Mimi, a great solution to serving that giant sized pasta. I’ve only ever stuffed them with ricotta and spinach and sauced them with tomatoes

    • I’d never seen it before, either. Honestly I’d recommend other shapes before this one, only because it’s challenging to eat! But it’s also really fun!

  4. Unlike you, I love stuffing things! For me they are like little food presents. You eat and you reveal the edible inside! I think your recipe compromises both filling and not filling haha! They look delicious!

    • I love them. They’re like velvet to me. If it’s about the fat, I removed as much as I could when I made them into a sauce, whereas I usually leave a lot on when I serve them whole.

  5. ahhh this sounds ridiculously good! i’ve never seen (or heard of) lumaconi before. there’s so many different pasta shapes that it’s mind-blowing (and confusing lol). bon appetit did a video of a chef making different kinds of pasta for 20 min, and my friend and i were just watching, mesmerized.

  6. LOVE pasta sauce made with short ribs! This looks terrific. And by coincidence, I have a short rib recipe too this week! Great minds. :-)

  7. Great ragù and I agree it’s wonderful for this pasta shape. Great things happen when two of my favorite blogging friends join forces! I have some lumaconi somewhere in my pantry and may do a sous-vide version ;-)

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