Lingonberry Vinaigrette


The other day while I was on hold with American Airlines, I spent the hours perusing recipes at I love the site, and its recipe search engine is very smart. You can search for a specific ingredient, for only dessert recipes, holiday dishes, and so forth.

I was just searching randomly, to pass the time, but then I came across this recipe: Red Cabbage Salad with Green Apple, Lingonberry Preserves, and Toasted Walnuts. The salad wasn’t too different than ones I’ve made; I’ve even blogged about a couple that are very similar, because I happen to love hearty, crunchy salads. It was the dressing, made with lingonberry preserves, that really caught my attention.

So that idea stayed in my head, and when I was at Whole Foods last week I found them! Swedish Lingonberries! I couldn’t wait to play with them and make a vinaigrette.

From the list of ingredients, lingonberries, sugar, and pectin, I expected the lingonberries to be very jam-like. In fact, they weren’t very sweet at all, and didn’t have a jam-like texture to them either. So I got creative, and here’s what I did.


Lingonberry Vinaigrette

1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons beet juice, from canned beets
4 tablespoons lingonberries
1/2 teaspoon sugar

To begin, I added all of the above ingredients to a blender jar, because that’s second nature to me. Then it dawned on me. With beautiful, whole lingonberries in the dressing, it would be much prettier with the ingredients left as is, instead of blending them all together.

So I simply shook the ingredients in the blender jar, and poured the vinaigrette into a serving bowl.

My salad was simple – Romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, grilled chicken, beets, and a few pine nuts.


I also decided to decorate the salad with a few extra lingonberries, so I rinsed some of the “jam” gently with warm water to separate the individual lingonberries.


Just now as I’m writing this post, I looked back at the recipe that inspired me, and I wish I’d included apple in my salad. With the lingonberries not being as sweet as I expected, a fruit would have been a delicious addition.

But in any case, this vinaigrette is wonderful. Only slightly sweet, and slightly tart at the same time.


note: If you don’t love beets, omit the beet juice. I added it, again, because I wanted to offset the sweetness from the berries, but it wasn’t necessary.

25 thoughts on “Lingonberry Vinaigrette

  1. I love your vinaigrette and especially love that you used the beet juice, too! I’ve been mixing some beet juice with a pomegranate vinegar I found at Trader Joe’s = a wonderful combination. I wonder …are the lingonberries similar in taste with pomegranate. hmmm.

    • I don’t think they’re as tart as pomegranate seeds, but they’re not super sweet either. Problem is, I’ve never tasted fresh lingonberries, so I’m really not the one to ask!

  2. What a great idea…we have so many lingonberries that I do not always know what to do with all of them. Most of them end up in juice or made into a berry porridge or one of my favorites is to make a simple “sorbet” by putting frozen lingonberries with a bit of sugar into a blender or food processor until nearly minced and then served with meat.

  3. Love the recipe. If you have a problem finding lingon berries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea lingonberry or cowberry) you can always find them at IKEA in their Swedish shop and of course you can always go to the forests and collect your own they can be found throughout the more northerly parts of the northern hemisphere.

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