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When it comes to home cooking, I rarely make the same thing twice, let alone multiple times. It’s just how I roll, thus my motto, “so much food, so little time!” There’s just too much out there to try!

But this ice cream is one major exception. I’ve been making it for years. My kids always got mad that I wasn’t making chocolate ice cream when they were little, but instead one lime-flavored. However, they loved it, too!

Here’s the recipe I cut out of a magazine so many years ago.

One doesn’t expect lime ice cream, perhaps a sorbet instead. So it’s unique in that sense. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Lime Ice Cream

3 cups heavy cream
1 cup filtered water
Zest from 5 limes
Juice from 5 limes, about 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons
2 c superfine sugar
Pinch of salt

Pour the cream and water into a large blender jar. Add the zest and lime juice.

Add the sugar and salt, and give it a good blend.

Place the blender jar in the refrigerator and leave it there overnight. You really want to get the limey flavor dispersed into the cream.

When it’s time to make the ice cream, follow the directions for your machine.

Freeze the container until ready to serve.

I love to serve this ice cream with piroline cookies.


If you love lime, you will adore this ice cream!

It’s limey, but it’s also creamy. Fabulous!

This ice cream is perfect after a Mexican meal, or a traditional summer barbecue.

And just in case you’re still thinking this is not a creamy ice cream, take a look at this!

119 thoughts on “Lime Ice Cream

    • It definitely is! I made this years ago when I catered a charity dinner that began with shrimp enchiladas with tomatillo sauce, a la Stephen Pyles, and ended with this ice cream and a chocolate cinnamon tuile.

      • I’m having even more fun with my yarn now– I’ve branched off into hand-made lingerie now, so I’m experimenting with applying the same dye color palettes to both yarns and undies! (My new blog,, covers this.) Congratulations on your grandchild– so fun and exciting!!

  1. When I was little I used to love lime milkshakes so I’m sure I’d love your lime ice cream. This must be so refreshing and I love how you served it with those rolled up cigar biscuits xx

  2. What lovely pictures. You did a great job with this ice cream. I’ll checking out some of your other posts. Just when I thought to take a break from blogs, you guys keep pulling me back. :)

      • I made sourdough pancakes with 2 cups of starter from harvesting wild yeast on THURSDAY. It’s already overwhelming me. I don’t know how people keep these starters going for YEARS. I was SUPPOSED to be baking a tray of walnut baklava but I guess I can put it off another day … or two. :)

  3. Like you, I’ve never seen or tasted lime ice cream. I’ve seen one recipe for lime frozen yoghurt (Jenis Splendid Ice Creams at Home) but that seems a bit austere to me. The lime ice cream sounds rich but refreshing.

  4. I DO love lime! I absolutely think I would love this ice cream. I love the versatility in milk options/ratios, but at least once I’m making it with 100% cream. It sounds just fantastic. :-)

  5. You’re right – I’ve had plenty of lime sherbet but never lime ice cream. This looks wonderful. And I still can’t get over how you continue to find new recipes to make all the time. I find that truly amazing.

  6. Hello from the other person who also makes Lime ice cream. Albeit a different version to yours, which I a keen to try. It is such a refreshing sweet treat. I am the same as you, rarely making the same recipe more than a couple of times, even then I tend to fiddle a bit with it. I guess it must be our creative nature. Such a beautiful blog, I will be visiting often from now.

    • Thank you so much! The photos were terrible, I remember. I should use that as an excuse to make it again!

    • Than you must make this. It’s exceptional, and honestly I’m more drawn to chocolate or berry flavors in a dessert.

  7. I will definitely be trying this! Lemon and lime are two of my favorite flavors for dessert and this would go so perfectly after an Asian-inspired meal! Thanks, Mimi!

    • Oh, good idea. It’s funny to me, cause if I were to make a mousse, for example, I’d instinctively think chocolate or a berry. Never citrus. But thank goodness I made this ice cream a long time ago. It truly is spectacular.

  8. Definitely trying this, even though I rarely make ice cream, I usually go for sorbets and frozen yogurts – but my intuition tells me we will LOVE this one

    will keep you posted

  9. This looks delicious Mimi! You’re right… lime sorbet is usually the go, but I actually prefer the idea of your ice cream. I’ve made a creamy lemon gelato a few times with our Meyer lemons, so imagine this would have a very similar appeal. Look forward to trying this recipe soon!

  10. This is a unique ice cream flavor, Mimi! I love making homemade ice cream, and I need to put lime on the menu. It would be excellent after a Mexican meal as you noted…great idea! Thanks for reposting!

    • I made it for a charity lunch once – I remember there were shrimp tacos with feta and tomatillo sauce that was a Stephen Pyles recipe, and I ended with the lime ice cream, served with a cactus-shaped cinnamon cookie that a friend made (I can’t make cookies.) The lunch was a big hit.
      I need to get that cookbook out. Do you own it? Cause if you don’t I’d recommend it. I lived in Texas starting in 1978 and right after the Southwestern trend began there, with Stephen Pyles and Dean Fearing… Such great restaurants. So I’m sure if you love Mexican you love Southwestern cuisine as well.

  11. This sounds wonderful! I wonder why people don’t make it more commonly? I will certainly try it. I’m not an experienced ice cream maker (thought I do have a very good machine that’s begging for use), and I always assumed that citrus fruits would somehow inhibit the process. Why don’t we see lemon or orange ice cream? Anyway, I digress. I’m going to start with lime!

    • Definitely try it. I was even asking my husband why I tried it the first time, cause I’m not a citrus freak. He couldn’t remember either. But I’m so glad I did.

    • Could he really tell the difference? Maybe you could infuse the cream, them remove the zest? I don’t know, it’s just so good!

  12. I love citrus desserts, and this would be so lovely on this very hot day in LA. You’re so right, I think of lime more in terms of sorbet than ice cream. And I would love to try the ice cream. :-)

  13. I’ve just clicked through several other ice cream recipes Mimi. Out of them all this is the one I would pick. Lime is such a refreshing and energising fruit. One of my favourties. As you say it normally comes as a sorbet, but as an ice cream, that’s something I haven’t tried before. Thanks for republishing this.

    • Then you’ll love it! I am so glad I tried it in the first place, because it’s not something I’d be attracted to now – it would be down the list!

  14. Mimi, this sounds so refreshing and yummy. You’re making me want to get an ice cream maker. Remember those old wooden ones that had a hand crank. You put that stainless-steel container of custard in the center, filled it with crushed ice, poured on salt and then turned that crank. My job was always setting on top and making sure the drain didn’t get plugged up.

    • Yes of course – that’s what we had for years, until it became corroded. The electric ones are magical.

  15. You are right: I would expect sorbet rather than ice cream. Although I have had citrus ice cream in France 30+ years ago, always served inside the fruit. It was not lime but orange or lemon. I bet yours is better.

  16. Lime ice cream is the one thing I’ve always wanted to make, but for the life of me I cannot source organic limes here in Italy. The stuff at the store are all treated (they even have a label to let you know), so when I want lime, I resort to using kaffir lime leaves which is great, but a totally different thing.

  17. I am so glad you reposted this recipe, I love the idea of lime ice cream. Its a wonderful flavour that often gets overshadowed by lemon. Pinning for later.

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