Korean Vegetable Pancake

This recipe for yachaejeon, or vegetable pancake, is credited to Maangchi, who has a blog of Korean recipes as well as wonderful and adorable videos of her cooking on YouTube. Here are her two cookbooks. Real Korean Cooking was published in 2015, and Big Book of Korean Cooking in 2019. I bought the Big Book!

Maangchi’s video for this pancake recipe is here.

On her blog, she writes: “I was born and raised in Korea and have been interested in cooking and food since I was a little girl. I live in New York City now, and love to learn about food from other cultures, too. On April 9 2007, I posted a video of myself cooking Korean food on YouTube, just for fun. Right away, people were interested in it, so I’ve been making them ever since.

This vegetable pancake piqued my interest because of course it’s really healthy, with all of the vegetables, and I love anything with a dipping sauce! For the blog I’ve made uthappam, a South Indian pancake with vegetables, and Bahn Xeo, a rice pancake with a healthy filling, and Korean kimchi pancakes. I love savory pancakes.

When I first googled Korean Pancake, I found pajeon, which is more of a Chinese scallion pancake. So I then googled the difference between pajeon and yachaejeon and they’re both savory pancakes. In fact, jeon means pancake, so pa-jeon translates to scallion pancake, and yachae-jeon translates to vegetable pancake. But there are many more varieties than these two. I’d better get busy!

Korean Pancake
Makes 1 large pancake

About 2 1/2 to 3 cups of sliced vegetables
4 green onions, cut into 1 inch long
⅓ cup leek, sliced thinly 1 inch long
3 ounces zucchini matchsticks
1 green chili pepper (or jalapeño), sliced
3 ounces onion, sliced
1/3 cup sweet potato thinly sliced
1 fresh mushroom (white, baby portobello, or shiitake)

¾ cup all purpose flour
½ teaspoon kosher salt
¾ cup water
3 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided

Dipping sauce:
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 teaspoons white vinegar
1 teaspoon Korean hot pepper flakes (gochugaru)
1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds
Kimchi, optional

Combine green onion, leek, zucchini, jalapeno, onion, and sweet potato in a medium bowl. I measured to make sure I had no more than 3 cups of vegetables.

Add flour, salt, and ¾ cup water. Mix it well with a wooden spoon.

Heat up a large non-stick skillet over medium high heat. Add about 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and swirl it around to coat the skillet evenly. Add the batter to the skillet and spread it out evenly. Turn down the heat to medium.

Thinly slice the mushroom and place on top. Gently press them in with a wooden spoon or spatula.

Cook for 4 to 5 minutes until the bottom turns crunchy light golden brown. Grab the handle of the skillet and twirl it around so the pancake moves and is cooked evenly underneath.

Turn or flip over the pancake. Increase the heat to medium high and add 1 more tablespoon of vegetable oil along the edges of the pancake. Lift up one edge with your spatula and tilt the skillet so the oil flows underneath the pancake. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes until both sides turn light golden brown, occasionally pressing down with the spatula.

Flip it over one more time and cook another 2 minutes.

Combine soy sauce, vinegar, hot pepper flakes (if using), and sesame seeds in a bowl and mix it well with a spoon. Transfer it to a small bowl. Set aside. Transfer the pancake to a large plate and serve right away with the dipping sauce. Kimchi can also be served on the side.

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  1. Mary August 2, 2023 at 6:22 AM - Reply

    Love anything that’s pancakey and bursting with vegetables. Make things like this myself because I like them. :))

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:21 AM - Reply

      That summed it up perfectly!!!

  2. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen August 2, 2023 at 7:19 AM - Reply

    Love s vegetable pancake, especially a scallion pancake. This looks really inviting!

  3. Jeff the Chef August 2, 2023 at 9:15 AM - Reply

    I love how adventurous you are. These savory pancakes looks wonderful!

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:21 AM - Reply

      Thanks Jeff. It’s how I was raised. I hated it growing up, and now I’m doing the same thing!

  4. Debra August 2, 2023 at 6:12 PM - Reply

    I can’t wait to make this beautiful pancake, Mimi! I didn’t know the difference between the scallion version, but both are mouth-watering! I love Korean food, so I’m a little intrigued with the cookbook, as well. Fabulous!

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:20 AM - Reply

      We were just in Seoul in June, and wow. It was so fun eating everything.

  5. Tandy | Lavender and Lime August 2, 2023 at 10:54 PM - Reply

    This looks delicious and such a great lunch idea.

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:20 AM - Reply

      So easy, so delicious. And you get to dip!

  6. Sherry August 3, 2023 at 12:34 AM - Reply

    Yum. I love a savoury pancake – like okonomiyaki. Looks delicious.

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:19 AM - Reply

      Now I have to look that up!

  7. Bernadette August 3, 2023 at 5:07 AM - Reply

    Mimi, this looks delicious and I like that sweet potatoes are used in the recipe. Since it is zucchini time in my neck of the woods, I will put this recipe on my to do list. Thanks!

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:19 AM - Reply

      It’s a great recipe. I also love the sweet potatoes.

  8. Charlie DeSando August 3, 2023 at 7:58 AM - Reply

    I like the photo of the pancakes stacked together. Yum!

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:18 AM - Reply

      Thanks so much!

  9. Healthy World Cuisine August 4, 2023 at 4:00 PM - Reply

    Love Maangchi recipes and her You tube videos. She makes Korean cooking fun and easy. Your Korean pancakes look perfectly cooked. Well done.

    • Chef Mimi August 5, 2023 at 7:17 AM - Reply

      Thank you! It was so good.

  10. Hannah Kaminsky August 7, 2023 at 10:13 AM - Reply

    Oh I LOVE Maangchi! Her recipes never fail. Even better that this is an “accidentally” vegan recipe by default!

    • Chef Mimi August 7, 2023 at 11:03 AM - Reply

      Hahahahahaha! I didn’t even think of that! She’s really adorable. And I cook eat these pancakes every day.

  11. cookingwithauntjuju.com August 7, 2023 at 2:06 PM - Reply

    I have Real Korean Cooking but never made anything from it. I have a lot of Asian cookbooks including Korean. A niece just married a Korean and their family wedding reception was in a Korean BBQ restaurant in New York. I love all pancakes and I too especially enjoy any dipping sauces :)

    • Chef Mimi August 7, 2023 at 4:13 PM - Reply

      I’ve never had an Asian dipping sauce that I didn’t love! And with pancakes…. Swoon!

  12. David @ Spiced August 8, 2023 at 6:14 AM - Reply

    What a unique recipe – I’ve never made anything quite like this. It sounds fantastic, and it’s a great way to use summer veggies, too!

    • Chef Mimi August 8, 2023 at 7:41 AM - Reply

      It’s a great recipe. And so easy. You really can’t mess it up. And then you get to dip!

  13. Valentina August 10, 2023 at 8:27 PM - Reply

    I love most Asian pancakes and I don’t think I’ve had a Korean one. I will have to look into Maangchi’s books, for sure. This looks fabulous — so packed with veggies and. :-) ~Valentina

    • Chef Mimi August 11, 2023 at 8:01 AM - Reply

      And of course you then get to dip them in a fabulous spicy sauce! That’s my favorite part.

  14. Thao @ In Good Flavor August 12, 2023 at 2:09 PM - Reply

    This is a pancake I wouldn’t feel guilty eating. I think you can get creative and use it as a way to clean out the veggie drawer too!

    • Chef Mimi August 13, 2023 at 1:12 PM - Reply

      Yes! Great idea!

  15. David Scott Allen August 17, 2023 at 1:31 PM - Reply

    Wow — this looks phenomenal! I can’t wait to try it! When I bought gochugau at our Asian store, the smallest bag was 2 pounds! So I have a LOT of it! This will help me chip away at the mountain of Chile flakes!

    • Chef Mimi August 18, 2023 at 6:57 AM - Reply

      Oh my! I mean, even 8 ounces is a bunch! So good, though!

  16. Raymund August 17, 2023 at 4:59 PM - Reply

    I love how you’re into exploring various savory pancakes from different cultures. Can’t wait to see what other pancake varieties you’ll whip up!

    • Chef Mimi August 18, 2023 at 6:58 AM - Reply

      Me, too! I can’t wait!

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