Hot Smoked Salmon


I own a Cameron’s stovetop smoker. I’ve used it for all kinds of proteins, but my favorite one to smoke is salmon. One evening recently I was having a girlfriend over for dinner, so smoking a salmon fillet was an easy choice. Besides, it was an excuse for me to have salmon, because my husband won’t eat it.

The smoker does all the work so it’s really easy to do while your company is with you in the kitchen.

Sprinkle your choice of wood chips in the bottom of the smoker; I used maple chips today.

There’s no preparation necessary for the smoking process, other than to have a freshly rinsed filet of salmon, of uniform thickness, ideally. Mine was just over a pound. Then make sure it’s dry.

Place the salmon on the foil-wrapped pan and season. I simply used Old Bay seasoning because it works so well with fish.
There is a rack that comes with the smoker, but since the skin was on the bottom side of the salmon, I didn’t bother using it. The rack allows the smoke to go underneath whatever is on it.

Close the lid, then turn on the heat underneath to medium. Once the smoke starts coming out, turn the heat down; you don’t want the salmon to cook too fast because you’re cooking it and smoking it. I smoked this particular filet for 25 minutes, over the lowest heat setting.

The photo below shows the salmon after 15 minutes.

Once the smoking is over, slice and serve.

I really like mine smoky, but you can adjust the amount of smoke intensity by how much of the wood chips you use. Cameron’s has a huge variety of chips that you can buy, so you always have a choice.
As long as the heat is low, the protein won’t overcook. Hopefully from the photos you can tell that the salmon is tender and moist.
Because it’s fall, I served the smoked salmon with Brussels sprouts drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt.

Hot-smoked salmon can be served any time of the year. With asparagus in the spring, with a green salad in summer, and in winter – with a mash, of course!

49 thoughts on “Hot Smoked Salmon

  1. We have a large outdoor smoker, the but the stovetop smoker is a great device you have. One would particularly come in handy when we have a foot of snow on the ground. Your smoked salmon looks perfectly moist and flaky!

  2. Sold! I’ve been going back and forth about purchasing one of these, Mimi. Your post has convinced me. Well, the photos of that glorious salmon didn’t hurt the cause. Thanks!

  3. Looks amazing! How do you think this would work with tuna? I have a friend who would loan me his smoker and a brother-in-law who just delivered a massive hunk of fresh tuna–it’s frozen now, but it is fresh caught from the Atlantic and not farmed. What do you think?

      • What if I told you I have three 10 inch hunks of it? Have you ever had smoked tuna? Don’t think I’ve ever heard of it actually. Your advice is probably sound. I wouldn’t want to screw it up! Fresh tuna is amazing on it’s own and the tuna salad sandwiches are divine!!

      • well now i’m 3 times as jealous. You could always try a little piece and experiment. To me, it would be just like messing with perfection. but I love smoked salmon and smoked trout!

    • you can get little boxes that you fill with the wood chips, and place them in the hot charcoal, or maybe above the charcoal, to cause the smoke in an outside grill, and you’d have to close the grill (have a lid) but other than that I have no idea! I’m no grill expert. It just all happens in a closed environment.

  4. We eat lots of Salmon, but it is generally grilled. I love warm smoked salmon though but don’t own a smoker. Wonder if it will work in a wok fitted with a rack. Your smoked salmon looks wonderful!

    • you need heat, smoke, and a closed environment. the salmon needs to get smoked without overcooking. i think you could definitely try it – maybe putting foil down first so the wood doesn’t ruin the wok?

  5. I think you’ve just given a lot of people a great gift idea – this smoker looks awesome as does the salmon. I love smoked salmon! Cheese, crackers, smoked salmon…my idea of a great lunch.

  6. Not wishing to brag. But…….. I will be smoking (cold) six sides of salmon this weekend. A lot of work and I hope worthwhile. Reaction to my post on the subject forced me into it.

    • It’s just a fabulous little gadget, and you can get maple, apple, mesquite, hickory, and so forth. I’m not sure there are huge flavor differences, but it’s still fun.

  7. Hi Mimi – this really has me intrigued! I have wanted a stovetop smoker – and Cameron’s looks great. I assume you have a gas stove – I have electric. Do you think that would work? Does the box say anything about electric? Fingers crossed…

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