Frozen Peach Bellini

I really haven’t embraced peaches this summer on the blog yet. As much as I love fall and can’t wait to start cooking fall-inspired dishes, it’s still summer here whether I like it or not. And I do love peaches.

Even though I’m not a baker anyway, I’d still prefer a juicy ripe peach over peaches baked in a cobbler. I might be that way with most all summer fruit, actually.

I have used peaches to make mustard, vinaigrettes, peach syrup, chutney, and recently, a peach and chile pepper vinegar. That’s just more fun to me.

Peaches also lend themselves well to cocktails! We’ve all had bellinis at Sunday brunch, or maybe a wedding shower, and they’re good. They’re usually made from peach purée or peach nectar.

For something different, and mostly because our summer weather has been in the upper 90’s, I decided to freeze peaches and make a slushy peach Bellini. Although I used nectarines.

The way I remove the flesh from the peach pit is to cut into the peach till the knife touches the pit, and make two vertical cuts. Then pull away as gently as you can to remove the pieces. Does this always work? No way.

Frozen Bellini

2 large, fresh ripe peaches, peeled, quartered, frozen
12 ounces champagne
4-5 ounces peach schnapps, according to your taste
1 squirt stevia*, or your favorite variety of liquid sugar

Place the frozen peaches in your blender jar. Pour the champagne, schnapps, and the stevia over the top.

Process the mixture until smooth.

Pour and serve. I used glasses that were in the freezer.

This batch made four tall drinks. You can make the bellinis more slushy or frozen by adding ice cubes.

Think about all of the fun drinks you can make by adding different fruit!

Plus, you could always use a sparkling wine or rosé instead of champagne.

The important part of making this Bellini is using the sweetest ripe fruit. Ideally, no sweetener should be necessary. These bellinis should have natural sweetness, plus some from the schnapps.

* I’m not a health freak, but I do use stevia. To me, why not use stevia? It’s non-caloric, it’s not a chemical, and it sweetens. I put a little squirt in my Nespresso espresso every morning, or to make a quick lemonade with fresh lemon juice. But honey or agave will both work well in this recipe if some sweetening is necessary.

45 thoughts on “Frozen Peach Bellini

  • Gorgeous! And I will take peaches and stone fruit any way they are served, including baked in cobblers, pies, and cakes!

  • Chef Mimi, I’ve been meaning to make a trip to the Peach Barn north of Muskogee (or the orchard farther west) to acquire some Porter Peaches. Now I have the perfect excuse to go! Love that you used frozen glassses, too. Thank you! xo

    • Is that where Porter Oklahoma is? I just heard about a Porter Peach Festival on NPR, but I somehow assumed it was in Colorado. I’d love to go if the thermostat could be lowered….

  • I’m usually not a fan of sweet cocktails,but if there’s peaches and champagne involved, it’s definitely for me! Love this Bellini, Mimi!

    • I totally agree with you, which is why I won’t drink margaritas made with sweet and sour mix. These cocktails are only as sweet at the peaches. I wouldn’t use peaches that weren’t ripe-perfect!

  • Never have I had the pleasure of indulging myself with a Peach Bellini but that will be rectified with the arrival of Peach season. We can buy imported Peaches at the moment but of course they have been picked too early to have been kissed by the sun, so are tasteless. Thanks Mimi, I now know how to make a Bellini.
    I also use stevia but mine is powdered and comes with the tiniest spoon. With it being so sweet I only use a few specks. It’s amazing stuff and natural.

    Thanks Mimi. :)

    • Stevia is wonderful. I’ve seen the powdered, but am used to a little squirt! but ideally, this Bellini should be used with perfectly ripe peaches. Then no sweetening is necessary!

    • Especially frozen cocktails because they’re like Icees!!! And these aren’t heavy, just peachy!

  • Yes, I’ve also been using stevia every day to sweeten my plain Greek yoghurt- it tastes and looks just like sugar, but without the calories and carbs. I’m not familiar with peach schanpps butI’m willing to give it a try!

    • Stevia is a fabulous sugar substitute, mostly because it’s not chemical based! I like to just squeeze a lime, add some stevia, and ice cold water for an instant lime-ade. Just so handy.

  • I got going on the peach bellini kick after I visited Italy way back in college. My Mom picked up on it, too, and she started serving bellinis at all of our family holidays. (To be fair, they were bottled peach bellinis.) Now I want to try my hand at this frozen version! Also, you need to hunt down some freestone peaches…preferably the ones from South Carolina. Easier said than done, I know….but well worth it if you happen to stumble across them! P.S. Love me some Chandon sparkling wine, too! :-)

    • You know, I never thought about them being Italian! A real Bellini with real ingredients is a fabulous drink. I learned the hard way not to drink too many once. And not when I was young. I didn’t drink in high school or college. I know – weird. I’m sure making up for lost time now! I can hunt all I want for these peaches you recommend, but nothing much comes to Oklahoma. It’s challenging being a foodie and living here!

  • I make mimosas for brunch which I guess are similar to Bellinis. Not peach season here – sweet fruit is the key! I recently bought some fresh raspberries just to munch on and they were tart, not at all sweet. Turned them into a puree, added a little sugar and froze for later use.

  • I’m right threre with you on your thoughts about summer fruits. If you have them ripe, in season, there’s nothing better than eating them as-is. And I’m saying that as a serious fruit pie lover. Nonetheless, this frozen belini sounds wonderful.

  • And I’m not saying I would not enjoy a peach pie, but I love a perfectly ripe juicy peach. I do love peach ice cream…

  • At the risk of destroying my Italian foodie cred, I have to admit I’ve only had a Bellini perhaps once in my life. And never tried to make one at home. Not sure why, I do like them. And this version sounds really refreshing for the dog days we’ve experiencing at the moment!

    • Dog days here definitely, visiting my daughter in NYC. I could use one right now. I tried a frose´at a bar yesterday, since they seem to be so popular, and i thought it was bitter and awful. I’ll stick with my bellinis!

  • I will be making this for a friend who is flying into this Texas heat this evening! Looks fabulous

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