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  1. I have tried making something very similar before. It is very good but I think it really needs that bite of freshness like your delicious tomato salad with each bite. Wishing you a super weekend ahead.

    • I really did love the combination. But the baharat spice mixture makes a huge difference in the meat mixture!

  2. I’m sure these arayes will find their way onto our plates soon. Thanks for bringing La Boite to our notice. I have been and had a look at his site and he has some really inviting recipes to share. I will have to make an educated guess at spice mixtures.
    Thanks Mimi :))

  3. I made something similar but without the salad. I checked La Boite site and he and Eric Ripert created a unique line of spices – The Voyager Collection I, II and III. I ordered I and II as I liked the blends. Most of all I enjoy Eric’s cuisine and cooking style!

    • Yes! I have a couple of those blends. Everything is so great and unique. I’ve given their seasonal cookies as gifts before, too. All wonderful.

      • Exactly. What’s not to love. I’ve seen versions of these everywhere, but the spices make this meat different. Very addicting!

    • Watch out. they’re very addicting! And if you don’t own baharat, you definitely need to get some! It’s wonderful.

    • Except that, because of husband, I had to make them beef… I once made kabobs with mince that was half lamb, and he didn’t even notice.

  4. Mimi, just the list of ingredients made my mouth water. And, I’ve never even heard of baharat! I have grilled pita with the burger in it before – and agree, there’s nothing like it! But I definitely need to hunt down some baharat and see what it can do! Thanks for the recipe!

    • I bought the baharat on Amazon! I refer to it now as my local deli, since pretty much anything I need is there! And La Boite has its own website, although I have no idea how much shipping would be…

    • It’s really good! I’m not much of a burger girl, even as an American, but these I could enjoy once a week!

  5. I love good spice stores! And good spices, of course. Such an interesting dish — not one I’ve heard of. Looks fabulous — thanks.

    • Well that makes me feel better, cause a lot of people have heard of arayes. Of course, there seem to be many different cuisines with something quite similar, with different names, but it’s basically a meat sandwich!!!

    • Oh goodness, wouldn’t that be fun! I haven’t been to the actual NYC shop, but it’s on my list as well. Tough to fit it all in when my husband has to always go see the Yankees…

  6. I just adore a good spice shop, fortunately, we have a few in Toronto but my favourite it Carlos’ in Kensington Market. Unfortunately, they don’t have a great online presence so it’s nice to find someone like Mr. Sercarz and his shop, La Boîte NY, thank you.
    Your dish looks and sounds delicious, will definitely give them a try. BTW, is ground lamb difficult to source in your parts?
    Eva http://kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com/

    • Definitely. Lamb is not popular in the Midwest. In fact, if you talk about lamb even, people think you’re anti-cow, cause this is beef country! You can’t talk about tofu,either!

  7. Wow — I can’t believe I haven’t hear of La Boîte before! Just added it to my NYC list. I love these arayes — and will look forward to trying them with lamb. Thanks for this — to be honest, I thought that to make arayes you needed to make the bread, too. Using pitas makes this so doable any evening!

  8. I’m not familiar with arayes, but this sounds like a delicious recipe! I love the bonus grilled flavor on the pita bread. Also, I’m putting La Boîte on the list of places to check out whenever I make my way down to NYC again!

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