How to make Bread Crumbs


There is a post tomorrow for a recipe that required me to remove the crusts off a whole loaf of bread slices. After cooking for so many years, well over 30 since marrying, I have plenty of habits. One of my habits, which results from years of cooking during our “lean” times, is that nothing goes to waste in my kitchen. It is a good habit.

So without thinking about it, I immediately placed the bread crusts on a jelly-roll pan and turned on the oven. Even though it had nothing to do with the recipe I was creating. Why? Home made bread crumbs. Why not?!!

First of all, you’ve already purchased the bread, and it’s so easy to create instant bread crumbs that are essentially free! Don’t purchase bread crumbs ever!!! The companies that sell them won’t be happy with me, but I find it really silly, personally, to purchase items like bread crumbs and croutons.

So I’m helping you with this little trick, if you don’t know it already, that works with any kind of bread. It doesn’t have to be crusts, either. It can be any stale bread, whole-grain or not, the ends of loaves, or the crusts. The only other thing I do with leftover bread is to feed the birds, but the onslaught of feral cats have unfortunately chased them off. So bread crumbs it is.

Bread Crumbs

Stale bread slices, loaf ends, or bread crusts

Turn your oven on to 200 degrees Farenheit.

Place your bread pieces, without much overlap, onto a jelly-roll pan. Break up any bigger pieces. Place the pan in the oven. They will probably be toasted within an hour. If you need to, turn the pieces around halfway through.


Remove the pan from the oven and let the bread pieces cool.

Then place as much as you should of the toasted bread in your food processor. Pulse away until you get the consistency of crumbs that you like.


That’s it.

Store them in a bag in the refrigerator until use. They also freeze beautifully.

note: If you wish to toast the bread more, adjust your oven higher, but be careful about burning. This is also an opportunity to season your bread crumbs, like with paprika, or with dried herbs.