Spring Peas


Where I live, I never see English peas. Which is really sad because there’s nothing like fresh, de-podded peas… if you like peas.

Maybe they don’t sell here because they require work. But I kind of enjoy opening the pea pods and discovering the little green globes. Of course, I wouldn’t if I had to open bushels of them, but occasionally, it’s just fun.

So I was nearby in the big town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which fortunately has a Whole Foods. And there they were – English peas.

Another woman and I were play-fighting over the remaining peas in a crate, and we began talking about how much we loved them. (We’d both had pea mash in England.)


I love when someone you don’t know starts giving you food advice, when they have no idea if you cook or not. But this lovely woman told me I needed to steam my peas and serve them with a little butter, salt, and pepper.

It was funny, cause I know how to cook peas, but by golly she was right. Something so precious, so fresh, deserved to be prepared in the kindest manner, and certainly not masked by any strong flavors.

So I took her advice and steamed my little bowl of shucked peas.


The pea pods went directly into my compost bin.


I steamed the peas for about 12 minutes, and tasted them to make sure they were done.


Then I had my little plate of peas with butter, salt, and pepper. Yum.


And I served the rest to my husband along with roasted chicken and vegetables. This was a perfect spring meal with fresh peas.


50 thoughts on “Spring Peas

  1. You have our sympathy. Shelling peas, for some folks, is work. For others, it’s one of the reasons we stay in the kitchen, like shaving asparagus, shelling beans, hulling strawberries, etc. Each of those is an invitation to take a break, to step outside the chaos in our heads and just appreciate the moment. Ken

  2. One of favourite veg and a true taste of summer! I’ve just planted some and can’t wait, although a lot do not make it to the kitchen As I pick and graze on them in the garden :) If they do make it to the lichen, I agree, steaming is best!

  3. We pick them fresh every summer from my father’s garden. They are superb. I can’t imagine not having access to fresh peas. That’s why farmers markets are so important. One of my abiding childhood memories is shelling peas for my mother aged 3 or 4.

  4. Our farmers markets open in a couple weeks and it will be a mad dash for the vendors with the Spring peas. Prepared as you’ve done, they’re such a treat.

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