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I’m a terrible bartender. I have no idea why, but I am. So I was stumped when my pear liqueur I began last month was “done.” because I wasn’t sure what the heck to do with it. Although I love a cocktail, I don’t like strong drinks, so a pear martini was out of the question.

I checked out cocktails made with Poire William, and only found really complicated recipes that didn’t sound any good at all.

Then champagne came to mind. It’s a fabulous mixer, and bubbles are always festive and fun.

So I decided to try out the pear liqueur three ways. One with champagne, one with Amaretto (almond liqueur) and champagne, and one with Pama (pomegranate liqueur) and champagne.

The pear liqueur took on a beautiful amber color, by the way, perhaps from the cinnamon and cloves.
No recipe is really needed for these cocktails, because to me it’s all about how sweet you want the drink. My pear liqueur recipe was made with vodka. But it’s definitely more a liqueur than an infused vodka, because vodka is strong and I wanted something more flavorful and sweeter.

So for the pear and champagne fizz, I used about 1 part pear liqueur to 3 parts champagne. Prosecco would work just as well.

The champagne I used was Sofia. I happened to have a carton of the mini champagne cans that come with a straw. I love to put these out for parties year round, and I much preferred opening up a couple of these than a whole bottle of champagne in the middle of the day for testing purposes.

For the pear and Amaretto fizz, I used about equal parts of each, then topped it off with champagne. It’s just a little more amber in color.
Same for the Pama version, which not surprisingly came out a little more red.
so, the verdict? terrible. I might have waited too long on the liqueur, because there is a strong bitterness that is probably from the cinnamon and cloves. I can’t even taste the pear. So I’m going to let my husband drink this, and go back to gin and tonics for now.

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  1. How about mellowing it out with a bit of agave like a margarita? It is so pretty with the amber color. It’s a bummer when you put time and ingredients into something and it doesn’t come out. I think we tried infusing vodka with pear and it didn’t work out either. I love the background of your blog it really goes with these pictures.

  2. How about adding lots of honey, hot water and a slice of lemon and drinking it as a hot toddy, with a cinnamon stick to stir? Or hot tea and pear liqueur? I had some great drinks in italy with cointreau, champagne and angostura bitters – maybe if you cannot get it to be less bitter you can use that to your advantage in the drink? LIke a Manhattan cocktail for example recently ordered this but couldnt drink it due to the bitterness but some people love it. I infused cranberries in vodka a year ago, the colour is lovely but the vodka is too strong for me, unless I stick it in the freezer. Oh here’s a thought how about your liqeuer + freezing cold limoncello? We should have a blogger get together everyone gets a taste and then we compete on who creates the best saving cocktail :) happy saturday Mimi

    • Wouldn’t that be fun!!! All good ideas. And it figures I’m not a bitters fan… See, I’m with you on the infused vodkas. Unless you have a favorite mixer (I like fresca) to tame it, it’s best for me to make it more like a liqueur.

      • fully agree – I did make a wonderful infused vodka using a recipe I got from a Russian restaurant in Helsinki one winter, and the vodka was smooth and lovely but sweetish – wonder if I can find it again :) – champagne couple of drops angostura bitters and cointreau is pretty good though I’m telling you!

  3. That’s frustrating! I just looked at the recipe, it has to be the spices……Lifes too short to drink bad wine, but that applies to anything you don’t enjoy, put it down to experience and tip it down the drain!

  4. I’m sorry that this didn’t turn out, but it happens to the best of us once in a while. We never learn if we never try something new and sometimes that means a flop. I tried to make a vegan pumpkin rice pudding before Thanksgiving since we had some vegans joining us for dinner. The pudding definitely wasn’t a recipe to share. At least you got some pretty photos : )

  5. It sounded like it would be really good, too bad it disappointed. I love using Poire William, always keep some on hand. I am a terrible bartender also, can do pretty decent frozen drinks but mixology is not my forte. Never hear of champagne in those cans before. It’s a good idea, how is the champagne?

  6. That could have worked! Better luck next time :-) . I’m not a great bartender either. G&T would be it. My grandma makes the best Orange Liqueur but she won’t give me the recipe. Bribe, tickeling it all won’t work…

  7. Win a few, lose a few – so enjoy the gin & tonics. I went a little crazy making drunken grapes last week & left a jar sitting there for almost an entire week. I figured – what could go wrong…whoa…those grapes could go very wrong!

  8. I don’t have any home-made pear liqueur, which sounds like it may be a good thing ;). I may try your amaretto champagne cocktail, though, using Poire William (which I do have in my bar). Your glasses look exquisite!

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