Peach Sauce

I actually made this peach sauce in the early part of September, back when ripe peaches were abundant and fragrant. But I don’t think it’s inappropriate to post about this peach sauce in October, because the sauce is quite versatile. It can be kept refrigerated for an indefinite period of time, so it’s very handy for whenever you want to use it. It’s simply a peach-based sauce. I call it a sauce because it’s thicker than a syrup, but not as sweet and thick as a jam.

I really had nothing in mind except pancakes when I made the peach sauce. I love real maple syrup, but there’s nothing like a not-too-sweet syrup based on fruit. When I cooked for my children, I made many varieties of my own syrup, because that way, like with everything else home-made, you can control the ingredients. Ingredients like honey or agave nectar instead of too much white sugar and corn syrup. Plus, there are no additives and nothing unnatural.

But then I had company in mid-September – yes, I’ve had lots of company of late – and I thought of making yogurt parfaits for breakfast, using this sauce.

I find it challenging to figure out what to serve overnight guests for breakfast. Some friends of mine I can simply hand a yogurt to as they leave, but other guests expect something a little nicer from me. Plus, there are the egg people, the no-carb people, the bacon people, the smoked salmon people, and so forth. Sometimes I just want to wake up before my guests, have my Nespresso espressos, and pull something I’ve made ahead of time out of the fridge.

So that’s when I decided to make yogurt parfaits, using the peach sauce. I made yogurt parfaits for all the guests I had at the house the weekend of my daughter’s wedding. They seemed to be a big hit, so that’s what I’m making again.

I was inspired by a photo I saw once in a magazine of a yogurt parfait served in a trifle bowl. It was beautiful to look at, but you need a lot of company for that preparation. But a yogurt parfait served in an individual dish is also beautiful, so that’s what I’m doing again.

Peach Sauce

4 peaches
1/2 cup sugar
Juice of 1 lemon

Peel the peaches, then place them in a pot. Add sugar and lemon juice.sauce

Add a few drops of water, then cover the pot with a lid, and cook gently until you can see steam coming out of the pot. At that point, remove the lid. Stir the peaches well, then simmer over low heat until most all of the liquid evaporates.



Let the peaches cool, then run them through a food processor using the disc with the largest holes. You are just trying to remove the peels, for the most part.


This is what the “sauce” will look like.

If you prefer, you can use a funnel and keep it in a bottle and place in the refrigerator.


To make the yogurt parfaits, simply layer the peach sauce in between yogurt, granola, and fresh fruits. If you make them a day ahead, the granola softens a bit, but I don’t mind that at all.


note: Of course, you can add more sugar if you want a more syrupy sauce. I just personally don’t like anything that sweet. Especially for breakfast.

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