Mustardy Veal


Veal is not a meat purchased by everyone, and I hope nobody thinks I haven’t a conscience. It’s just that if I actually focused on the whole idea of killing animals for human consumption, I wouldn’t eat meat at all. I of course believe in the most humane procedures in killing animals, but then, I could also argue that killing animals isn’t humane at all. So I really try not to think about it.

This veal was actually at my market today when I was shopping, and it’s something that rarely shows up, much like lamb, so I grabbed it. If this helps, I haven’t actually had veal in years. But I remembered a simple recipe that I used to make ages ago on the grill. It takes minutes to prepare, which made it perfect for when I worked full time.

There are two ingredients in this veal recipe besides the veal – butter and Dijon mustard. That’s it. You simply make a mustard butter, and then let it melt on top of the grilled veal. Easy and fast for summer grilling inside or out!

Veal Scallopini with Mustard Butter

2 teaspoons butter
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
Veal scallops, I had 7
Olive oil
A few grindings of black pepper

First, make the mustard butter. I used twice as much butter as mustard, but this is up to you.

Place the butter and mustard in a small bowl.
Beat the two until smooth. Then chill in the refrigerator, although this is optional. Another option is to make a roll of butter, much like you do with a compound butter, wrapped in plastic. Then it can simply be sliced after being refrigerated. I just made such a small amount that this wasn’t necessary.


When you are ready to cook the veal, have it close to room temperature. Then dry it off on paper towels.

Pour a little olive oil on a dinner plate, place the veal on top, then drizzle a little more oil. Season with salt and pepper.

The veal will take 2 minutes to cook, so also have your mustard butter soft enough to scoop up. Also have your vegetables hot and ready to eat.

Heat up a grill over high heat. You can use a grill outside as well, but I wouldn’t waste the time it takes to prepare charcoal. These just take so little time it’s also not worth using the charcoal.

Place some of the scallops on the hot grill, being careful not to crowd them.

Cook for barely a minute, then flip them, and cook for another minute.

Serve the veal scallops topped with a scoop of the mustard butter, and let it melt away.

As an afterthought, I also sprinkled some chives over the veal. Basil would be good as well.


This simple veal dish is as delicious as I remember it. Just make sure to not overcook the veal.


25 thoughts on “Mustardy Veal

  1. I don’t have a problem with veal as long as it’s rose veal, not crated. At a farm near us the male calves frolic happily for a while with their mums then become rose veal. Better than slaughtering them out of hand as some dairy farms do.

  2. Mustard butter…why is this not more of a thing? Did you come up with the combo yourself? Also, I recently tried a green peppercorn Dijon, which was the best I’ve ever had…so you may be interested in trying that out!

  3. I know, I know, there will someone who jumps on the PETA bandwagon here (and I know I just offended a whole lot more than you did), but when it comes to meat, I eat it (but I do try to purchase most from a local source or know that it was not raised in a meat factory). I would eat this for sure and you now have me thinking of who I can contact for veal. :)

  4. I rarely see veal in our stores either. I’ve never cooked veal before, though but I’ve had it at restaurants. This would be a good “starter” veal dish for me if I ever decide to cook some. :)

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