Holiday Potpourri


I started making this stove-top citrus and spice potpourri when my daughters were young. And a Christmas doesn’t go by to this day that I don’t make it.

My older daughter and I are severely addicted to Christmas. We are both very enamored with the smell of this potpourri, and every year she makes sure I make it!

When she had her first apartment, I gave this potpourri to her as an early Christmas gift, so she could make it, put on Christmas carols, and study. Or party. I simply bought a cheap pot, filled it with the ingredients, and included the recipe. That’s pretty creative for me, actually.

There is no hard and fast recipe, but here are the general ingredients. You can adjust according to your taste smell!

Christmas Potpourri

1 large can pineapple juice
1 large can orange juice
1 cup sugar
3 oranges, sliced
2 lemons, sliced
Handful of cinnamon sticks
Handful of whole cloves
Handful of allspice berries, slightly crushed

So, when I was at the grocery store, I couldn’t find large cans of orange juice, probably because it’s pretty terrible. So I decided to use cans of frozen, concentrated juices instead. But that didn’t really affect the recipe. I just added some water, and still included all of the ingredients. But following is what you’d do if you actually found both canned o.j. and pineapple juice.

Place the pineapple and orange juices in a large, not fancy pot. If you forget about this stuff on the stove, it will burn your pot, so use something inexpensive. In fact, go buy a cheap pot just for this potpourri. Then you can just throw the pot away after Christmas if you can’t clean it.
Add the sugar and begin heating the juices over medium heat.

Squeeze the oranges and lemons into the juice, then throw in the rinds as well.
Add the spices.
Let the potpourri lightly simmer to fill the house with the smell of the holidays. Turn off when you don’t want it on, because the mixture will thicken and burn.
Occasionally refresh the potpourri with more juice and spices, if necessary.

27 thoughts on “Holiday Potpourri

  1. This sounds absolutely wonderful! I can only imagine how divine the smell is in your home after you make a batch of this. Our family is headed for a weekend up north in a cabin and I think I’m going to give this a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. This excites me, lol! A cheap pot could be lined with tissue paper as the “gift basket” for the ingredients. Print a cute little instruction tag, wrap it up with cellophane and a bow, and badda-boom!

  3. Oh what a cool idea. I love it and I love the idea of putting it all together in a pot to give to my daughter. I used to make tons of dried potpourri years ago but I don’t thin it would have anywhere near the scent as this. I think it’s super creative.

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