Gingerbread Liqueur Verdict


Let me start out with my verdict for home-made gingerbread liqueur: Fabulous, Delicious, and Magnificent!

I first strained the liqueur to remove the ginger and the other goodies.

It’s very brown.

To test it out, I decided to make two drinks. First, a room temperature cocktail, although ice can be added, and a hot toddy using coffee.

1. Creamy Gingerbread Cocktail

To make one:
3 ounces gingerbread liqueur
1 teaspoon vanilla syrup
4 ounces 1/2 and 1/2
Sparkling water

Place the liqueur, vanilla syrup and the 1/2 and 1/2 in a cocktail glass.


Then add the sparkling water, about 4 ounces at least, depending how strong you want the drink.

It’s kind of like an alcoholic gingerbread-flavored Italian soda.

You can really taste the gingerbread flavors. And I don’t even love gingerbread! My husband said it was the best drink he’s ever had.

I especially like the addition of the vanilla. In fact, I’m now wondering why I didn’t include a vanilla bean in the gingerbread liqueur.

note: You could also add some vodka to this cocktail; I just don’t like really strong drinks.

2. Café Liégeois on Crack

To make one:
1 teaspoon good espresso powder, or 1 cup good, hot coffee, freshly brewed
3 ounces gingerbread liqueur
Vanilla ice cream

Place the espresso powder in a heat-proof cup and add hot water. Give it a stir, then stir in the liqueur. Using a scoop, add ice cream.

I was quite generous with the ice cream. And boy, did it start melting fast.

And, almost completely melted.

What a fabulous, creamy hot toddy. The addition of the coffee with the gingerbread liqueur is outstanding. Creme de cacao would also be a wonderful addition to either of these drinks. So many drink ideas, so little time….

22 thoughts on “Gingerbread Liqueur Verdict

  1. Oh, you made me a little sad with this post… it turns out that my tolerance for alcohol is so low, if I have a drink like this, that will be it for the whole evening. So, no wine with dinner. I used to be able to enjoy a drink and move on to wine, and even top with a sweet wine in the end of the meal, or a liqueur. Not anymore… it’s really annoying, sometimes

    hey, there are more serious problems in life! I will imagine how this tastes and dream… ;-)

    If I don’t “see” you until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Glad I found your blog this past year… or has it been longer? hard to tell…

  2. Wow! I’d already Pin’d the part I to make this at some point and with this glowing review I’m anxious to do it ASAP. Looks decadent in the best possible way. Cheers!

  3. So Mimi….I’m actually sitting at my desk at work… I have a grocery list that I’ve been writing out, and as I’m reading this post, I’m adding these ingredients to the list! We’ll be trying these drinks tomorrow. This is just lovely. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving… <3

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