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I really haven’t embraced peaches yet this summer on the blog. And as much as I love fall and can’t wait to start cooking fall-inspired dishes, it’s still summer whether I like it or not.

I did use a few peaches when making peach mustard, but other than that I haven’t done much cooking with them. I love everybody’s cobblers and pies on blogs, but I just don’t bake much anymore. Plus, there’s just two of us here.

So since peach season began, I just occasionally ate a fresh peach, and appreciated the magnificence that is a fresh peach, along with the other fruits of summer.

But last month in August I had a friend spending the night and I wanted to do something fun. She’s not a huge drinker, unlike me, so I thought perhaps I’d make us a fruity cocktail – sort of like a signature drink offering. It had gotten up to 100 degrees that day, so I immediately thought about a margarita, but then, I remembered a frozen bellini recipe I’d seen. There’s no way I’d be able to find the recipe, so I just made it up.

We’ve all had bellinis at Sunday brunch, or maybe a wedding shower, and they’re good. They’re usually made from peach puree or peach nectar. But have you had one made with frozen peaches? I remembered that part of the recipe, and I happened to have fresh peaches that I immediately peeled and froze earlier in the day just for this drink. A wonderful, peachy cocktail that’s healthy! I mean, it’s full of fruit! So this is what I did.

Frozen Bellini

2 large, fresh ripe peaches, peeled, quartered, frozen
1 1/2 cups champagne, plus some more
1/2 cup at least peach schnapps
1 squirt stevia*, or your favorite variety of sugar

Place the frozen peaches in your blender jar. Pour the champagne, schnapps, and the stevia over the top.

Process the mixture and taste. I added a bit more schnapps because the flavor is so good, but you’ll have to go by your own taste. Pour and serve.


Alternatively, you can pour a little champagne on the top to make things all the more bubbly.


This batch made four tall drinks. You can make the bellinis more slushy or frozen by adding ice cubes, but then you can’t drink them as fast. So I liked them just like they were.

Here’s a photo of the peach schnapps bottle for those who are not familiar with it:


And here’s the kind of champagne I used. Prosecco would work as well, as would any sparkling wine.


Think about all of the fun drinks you can make by adding different fruit!!! I want to make these with strawberries next spring for a frozen strawberry peach bellini! Why not?!!!

* I’m not a health freak, but I do use stevia. To me, why not use stevia? It’s non-caloric, and it sweetens. I put a little squirt in my Nespresso espresso every morning, or to make a quick lemonade with fresh lemon juice. I don’t bake with it, because that’s just plain silly to me. But it is hard to put 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in something, when I can just reach for my stevia. Some people say that there’s an aftertaste to it, but I’ve never experienced that. Perhaps a different brand from mine. Again, it’s just a choice.

4 thoughts on “Frozen Bellini

  1. Wow! Peach bellini is my favourite alcoholic drink. I have never had a frozen peach Bellini. We will be trying this out at home very soon. You are now officially the most amazing food blogger I know. I can see frozen Bellinis being renamed the Mimi cocktail in our house. Emma xxx

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