Farm to Table, part 1


While vacationing in St. Lucia recently, my husband and I were thrilled to partake in a “farm to table” excursion. There were four of us, an executive chef, and a driver. We were lucky to have been coincidentally paired with an adorable young couple from London, which made the day even more fun. This post is the farm half of the day, and tomorrow will be the table post, where we all help prepare a divine four-course meal from our just-picked goodies! There are just too many photos from the day for a single post!

We left mid-morning, and visited two different local, organic farms to pick up some lovely fruits and vegetables. There were many different kinds of lettuces, as well as microgreens and herbs from which to choose.





Here is the chef in the field with his collecting basket:


On the way to becoming the salad course:


One of the farmers about to make a delivery from the farm:


I loved seeing green onions growing under palm trees!


Then into a pineapple plantation,


where we picked three pineapples for the pineapple gazpacho!


Then we came across these guys who work the farm. They were cooking their lunch, and one man was nice enough to open a different kind of coconut for us – they call it a jelly coconut, with has a smooth green husk instead of the coarse brown hairy husk that we’re more familiar with in the U.S. Again, with the language barrier, I wasn’t able to find out any more information.


Here are the jelly coconuts growing on a palm.


And here are baby jelly coconuts!


My husband scooping out the jelly with the coconut scoop!


So we enjoyed coconut water, the jelly, as well as some coconut meat.


Even our driver was picking bananas, guavas, mangoes, brown apples, and starfruit (carambola) for us as we walked amongst the fields. I constantly, throughout our visit, got the feeling that the St. Lucians are very proud of their island and what grows there – as they well should! I did my best to sample everything!

Then off to the fish market!


We got a tuna, pictured above, as well as this large Kingfish, below.


This fisherman was very proud of his tuna steaks.


And so, we were done with our foraging. We made the trip back to our hotel and washed up to start cooking! Tune in tomorrow for the rest!

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