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Despite the name of this post, it isn’t travel-related. Edge of Belgravia is the brand name for functional, stylish culinary knives.


I was gifted the Precision set of four knives, which include, from left to right shown below, 6″ filleting/boning knife, 7.5″ chef knife, 7.5″ bread knife, and 7.5″ slicing knife. They are made of coated stainless steel, and have a non-stick blade coating.


Founded on Eccleston street in Belgravia, London, the knives combine “the uber-chic of Belgravia with the avant-garde of Clerkenwell.” The designer is Christian Bird.

They are indeed gorgeous knives, and the rubber-coated handles feel good in the hand. I went about to test the knives in the manner that is suggested.

First, I used the chef knife to cut a filet of salmon. With only two motions, I was able to divide the filet without any pressure on the knife.


For the filleting knife, I chose to cut filets from a beef tenderloin. Again, the knife sliced perfectly and with ease, and the point of the knife was good for trimming and removing the fell.

For the bread knife, bread slicing was an obvious choice.
Edge of Belgravia Precision Chef Knife

Edge of Belgravia Precision Chef Knife

For the slicing knife, I used a tomato. Often chef knives don’t work with tomatoes; one must use a serrated knife. But with the slicing knife, there was no probem at all.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with these knives. Although on the lighter side than traditional knives, they are not flimsy. I love the non-stick coating, and the knives clean easily.

My only issue was not with the knives, minor as it is, but with the gift box. An impressive contemporary design, but the cover photo show four of the same knife, although the set includes the above four knives. There are a minor issues with the English descriptions, as if they had been translated from another language, but that wouldn’t keep me from purchasing any of these knives or the set.

They would be enjoyed by novice cooks as well as experts in the kitchen, and have become my favorite knives to use on a daily basis. A sincere thank you to Ms. Martha Quarrie from Edge of Belgravia for the gift of the knife set. I will always treasure them!

39 thoughts on “Edge of Belgravia

  1. They do look really nice – and I thought I the title of your post made it sound like a sci-fi fantasy novel!

  2. Are all these knives serrated? Serrated knives can’t really be sharpened and if taken care of shouldn’t have to be. I always steel my straight edged knives between preparations. Beware of those who say the can sharpen a knife using a mechanical devise (band or wheel). I recently sat my mothers “professionally” sharpened knifes cutting edge down on a flat surface. I could see thru to the other side along the edge.They weren’t sharpened evenly. Thus they couldn’t cut thru anything with out a sawing motion. These were Henkel knives and were ruined as far as I was concerned.

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