so much food….

Professionally, a significant part of my life has centered on food, see about me. But now, even as an empty nester and retiree, I am still food-driven. I wake up thinking about what I get to cook that day, and go to sleep thinking about the next day’s grocery list.

If you are hesitant to get cooking, then hopefully the Chef Mimi Blog will inspire you to cook, or cook more often. Or maybe it will inspire you to try something you’ve never tasted before. Everyone can, and should, cook. After all – we need to eat!

I’m extremely season-oriented with food and it’s now winter where I live in the United States! So put on your aprons and let’s cook!!!!!

feature photo: Baked Brie with Roasted Cherries

Original artwork by Sarah-Allen Preston

239 thoughts on “so much food….

  1. As much as I love my cheese, I can’t get into Brie and Camembert. Last year as part of my xmas hamper from my sister, she bought me a camembert with some sultanas that had been soaked in cognac. The combination, like this one, was a taste sensation. Has to be done.

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  2. I am heading to London on Saturday next and am sooooo glad to know about Moro! And the cake looks brilliant, by the way…. (I am using “brilliant” a lot this week in preparation for the trip!)

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