Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse


Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

Back when I followed the recipe for a chocolate and nutella spread that was supposedly “better than Nutella,” I made three suggestions for utilizing the spread. One was to mix it with whipped cream and create a chocolate hazelnut mousse.


So that’s just what I did. I’ve actually done it with real Nutella. It takes a little coaxing, but eventually the whipped cream and Nutella will blend into a wonderful mousse-like texture.

It’s so easy. The most important thing is to warm the Nutella to room temperature first.

Pour 2 cups of whipping cream into a large bowl. Whip the cream, using an electric mixer, until stiff peaks form.


Place about 6 ounces of the chocolate-hazelnut spread in a large bowl.


Add a few tablespoons of the whipped cream, and gently beat the two together until the spread softens.


Then gently fold the remaining whipped cream in to the Nutella, taking your time.


Save about 4 tablespoons of whipped cream for a topping, if desired.


Place in 4 serving glasses.


If you don’t mind deflating the mousse a bit, you can use your electric mixer to get a smoother blend.


The mousse can be served immediately; it doesn’t require chilling.


Serve with a dollop of the extra whipped cream, or marscapone or creme fraiche.


Chocolate curls would be pretty too!


Even though it was the middle of the afternoon, I enjoyed my mousse with a glass of sherry!



40 thoughts on “Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

  1. I find it quite hard to mix Nutella with anything. Even at room temperature, which it always is, it is a bit hard to mix well. I made a Nutella cheesecake once and remember beating it for ages – but it was sooo good.

    • Definitely challenging. But it can be done! This mixture had little bits of buttery Nutella (home-made) which I think might have not been as pretty, but I liked the flavor!

  2. Really like the idea of this. Never even thought to use Nutella in a mousse — but it’s a terrific idea. This will be fun to try! Thanks!

  3. Even if it were breakfast, I’d still consider that glass of sherry! What a delicious treat. It seems like a long, long time since I’ve seen mousse on a menu, and it’s probably been decades since I made one. I can see now that I need to recitfy that situation immediately.

    • If I could only have one more dessert in my life, it would probably be a deep dark chocolate mousse. I prefer a mousse over a cake or pie any day. Although a semifreddo would maybe be second…

  4. Sweet sherry is a good choice to have with this. To thin out the Nutella a bit, you could also add a bit of Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur). Which would be another good choice for an accompanying drink :-)

    • A great idea. A little liquid wouldn’t have a detrimental effect on the final mousse texture, and it wouldn’t be too alcoholic tasting, like a cognac….

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