Cherry Vodka Verdict



It’s time!!! After two months of hiding in a pantry, the black cherry vodka is ready!

I decanted both liter bottles and collected the beautiful cherry-colored vodka, and saved the cherries. As with the strawberry vodka experience in the spring, this vodka-making process took a lot of the color out of the fruit. The cherries look a lot like the pale cherries you get from canned varieties. But I still might use them, if they’re not too alcoholic. I’m thinking of goat’s milk ice cream with cherries and cocoa nibs…

Anyway, I mixed some of the cherry vodka with my usual mixer – Fresca. There’s just something about the grapefruity-ness that I like. I prefer it over the citrus-y varieties of soda.


It was very refreshing. However, not nearly as good as the strawberry vodka. But I used less sugar, so that may be why. Still, it was fun, and it would be great in some kind of pretty punch as well – even at Christmas time. Although, I also make cranberry vodka. Maybe I’ll just mix them all together for a merry berry vodka!!! Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Cherry Vodka Verdict

  1. Love the deep red color. I found that when I made strawberry infused vodka that the strawberries were not something you would want to eat. I have found the same thing with pineapple. It will be interesting to see what you think of the cherries themselves.

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