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My husband and I visited our daughter and her husband in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over Easter weekend. On Easter Eve, they took us to one of my favorite restaurants in Tulsa. But they surprised us with the Chef’s Table for dinner!

I was really excited. I’ve always wanted to sit at a chef’s table, although I also wondered if it would be too noisy!

Well this turned out to be a fabulous experience. The food was superb, the service perfect, and the ambiance in the kitchen was fun and funky!

The restaurant to which I’m referring is The Tavern, which is a cozy pub-like restaurant in the Brady district in downtown Tulsa. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed meals at The Tavern. Besides the delicious food, the staff is great, they have a mixologist and a wonderful wine list! What’s not to like?!!

Especially fun for me on this night, of course, was meeting and talking to the executive chef, whose name is Grant Verpasian. He was very generous with his time, even though there was a rousing dinner service during our time at the restaurant.


One interesting thing to point out is that it was at The Tavern where I had my first sous vide filet mignon. I only know that because that’s what it said on the menu. And that’s what put me over the edge wanting one of these machines. Now that I’m thinking of it, I’m wondering if all of the proteins we had this night had been prepared sous vide, because everything was so tender! Or, maybe Chef Grant is just that good!

So dinner started out with champagne and a sampler of hors d’oeuvres. Delicious. It was exciting to wonder what was coming next for our five courses, all paired with wine.
Then it was a perfectly cooked scallop sitting in a coulis of fresh peas, topped with crispy prosciutto. Amazing.


The next course was a fabulous lamb braise served over spicy lentils with a cucumber sauce. It was the most tender lamb I’ve ever had. Even my husband, who thinks he doesn’t like lamb, ate everything on his plate.


Then there was a delicious grilled salmon served with Israeli coulis, which unfortunately didn’t get photographed.

It was after the salmon that we expected the dessert course. But that’s when beautiful rare steaks came out, topped with crab in the chef’s signature “angry” sauce, which was spicy and very Creole. It went fabulously with the filet.


Then came dessert. It was an individual banana pie topped with caramelized banana slices, and that’s about all I remember, because I ate it quickly it was so good. To quote my daughter, “It’s funny how you think you’re so full, but when they bring out dessert, there’s always a compartment in your stomach willing to take it in!”


After that, we thanked Chef Grant and waddled home. We were very full, but extremely happy. I would definitely repeat this experience. Mother’s Day?

note: Chef Grant Verpasian was recently the recipient of the People’s Choice winner at Blank Canvas 2013. Congratulations!


26 thoughts on “Chef’s Table

  1. Everything looks amazing and one item on my bucket list is to have a chefs table experience, Look at your gorgeous daughter and what a great photo of you and the chef. What a wonderful meal.

  2. I am sending this to a friend of mine who lives in Stillwater, I bet she would love to have a similar meal! I fell bad for not knowing Tulsa very well, I drove by once and that was it. Having lived in Norman for 17 years, it’s a shame!

    You all look great, and I am drooling over your earrings = I have a serious earring fetish.. :-)

    Not sure I would be able to last through the whole meal, but the steak seems AMAZING!

    • Tulsa is a hidden gem now. It didn’t used to be…
      I only stared at the steak. I couldn’t even lift my arm to attempt to cut on it. But I ate it for breakfast the next morning!
      Of course, I managed dessert!

      If your friends needs any more restaurant recommendations, I can supply her with a nice list!

  3. I love this kind of experience and yours looks to be a gourmet delight. Thanks for your visit. I look forward to all that you have to share as well.

  4. everything looks wonderful. my future son-in-law is a chef in melbourne. he did this for me on my birthday last year. it was such a treat. the pastry chef was outstanding and for the first time in my life, i couldn’t eat another bite of dessert – i’d had six by then.

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