Chicken and Sausage


When I read cookbooks, I am not turned off by long lists of ingredients. Nor do I look for the words “quick” or “easy” in the recipe names. I never have, even though I probably should have taken quick and easy more seriously when I was cooking for our growing family and busy as the dickens. I just prefer real recipes with real ingredients, whether simple or more involved.

I own all of Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks and love all of them. I love a lot of things about her. She’s hysterically funny, an impressie writer, she embraces her love of food and eating, and she doesn’t bother with super fiddly recipes (translation from British – fussy/sophisticated).

Even her cakes are often rustic, mis-shapen layers of chocolate goodness. You don’t make them for fair judging, you make them because they’re fabulous.

So once I came across a Nigella recipe for chicken and sausages that were roasted simply with Dijon mustard and oil. In the old days I might have turned up my nose at such a recipe, especially if it was called “Quick and Easy Chicken and Sausage.” But fortunately I didn’t. It is just a good recipe that happens to take little time, and the results are wonderful. And I’ve made this dish more than once, which is a rarity in my kitchen.

It came from the cookbook, “Feast” which might be my favorite of Ms. Lawson’s – aside from “Nigella Christmas.” Doesn’t she just look like she could be my best friend?!! I mean, that’s what I look like in the kitchen when I’m kneading bread!

Nigella’s original recipe For chicken and sausage has a few more ingredients, but this is how I’ve adapted her recipe.
Dijon-Roasted Chicken and Sausage

1/3 cup olive oil
2 tablespoon Dijon mustard
2 chicken breasts
5-6 Italian sausages
Small red potatoes, scrubbed
1 large purple onion, cut into wedges
Coarsely ground black pepper
Chopped rosemary

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, or 375 degrees if you have a roast setting.

Combine the olive oil and mustard in a decent-sized roasting pan. Whisk until smooth.

Slice the chicken breasts in half horizontally, creating uniform pieces. Place the breasts in the pan, coating them with the mustardy oil. Then add the sausages to the pan, rolling them around to get coated.

Sprinkle the potatoes around the meat; halve them if they’re too large. Then add the wedges of onion around the meat.

Season well with coarse black pepper, if desired. Then add some sprigs of rosemary, or chopped rosemary.

I am in love with my Mauviel roasting pan, which has endured a lot of oven use over the years.

Roast for approximately 30-35 minutes, turning the chicken pieces and sausages half way through.
Serve immediately.

This dish is wonderful with steamed green beans.
As you can see, this dish is definitely quick and easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good!
Thank you Nigella!

59 thoughts on “Chicken and Sausage

  1. Love her books, have that one that might be my favorite too….

    her persona on TV sometimes (in my humble opinion) gets a bit too forced into the path of “oh, I am so very sexy”, but hey, the woman is gorgeous in her own unique way and of course TV will try to capitalize on that.

    her recipes work, and have that aura of simplicity without compromising flavor – love it!

    I have her newest book and it’s a keeper too!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Giada definitely over-does it. I don’t know who advises that woman, but she definitely was a lot better in her early years at Food TV. Although her shyness interfered, it was more natural. oh, well. It is a fine line to negotiate and very few people can hit it on the spot.

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  2. I love Nigella, her recipes are true home cooking, not fussy just like you said. This dish is simple and delicious, love it. Wish I looked as glam and happy as her when I’m kneading dough, glad no is filming me it wouldn’t be pretty.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh I love that one, too. I don’t think she ever do a healthy book, do you? That’s what I love about her. No that anything she makes is only unhealthy, but butter and bacon and chocolate don’t put her off.

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  3. I really like Nigella too and this recipe looks great. I’m making sausages tonight too and I plan on making an accompanying dinner roll so I plan to look like that, smiling with my hair down as I do it. But honesly, Nigella is gorgeous and down to earth. I think we can all aspire to that.


  4. Ha ha I am not sure you will ever see me kneading bread and flour. I keep saying I’m going to bake a loaf of bread someday… The chicken and sausage dinner looks perfectly delicious, and who cares if it’s quick and easy? Not me! :D


  5. Guinness cake is all I have made of hers. DE-lish-us! I love the sound of her type of cooking–I will check her cookbook out and this recipe is a no brainer to try. Thanks for the excellent review!


    • Yeah, it’s not the most unique dish, although it’s not something I’d done before I saw her recipe! You could easily swap out potatoes for butternut squash, too. As you know, it’s all about the timing, getting nothing over or undercooked.


  6. I never thought that quick and easy could have a negative connotation. I’ll have to be careful how I throw those words round! I’m with you in that the ingredients have to work regardless of how long the list is. And this looks delicious. Mustard is a great ingredient to use!


  7. Well, that’s just me. Cream of mushroom soup would be quick and easy in my brain, poured over chicken. Ugh. But I have mellowed, as we all do. For me and food and recipes, it’s a good thing. Although I rarely take short cuts!


  8. I love Nigella too. I find her cooking very real and authentic and you don’t have to worry about creating something perfect, it’s more about the taste. This one-pan meal is a terrific example. I think I’ll cook this for dinner tonight! xx


  9. This really does sound delicious. I think sausage is chicken’s best friend. An English friend send me one of Nigella’s books in the British edition yearsago, and I made something of an enjoyable project covering it.

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  10. Like you, I’ve never shied away from supposedly “difficult” or complex recipes with lots of ingredients. In fact, most of my own recipes kind of reflect that. But sometimes simple and easy is just right and this looks like one of those dishes. What a wonderful winter dish! And your green beans tied with the chive are beautiful. I love Nigella, too and really love watching her cook on TV.


    • I’m not much of a food tv show watcher, but I did love the one show I happened to know about. There is one now with Anthony Boursin and a crazy French guy – can’t remember his name now – and it’s pretty entertaining.


  11. Ok it has some preparation but still doesn’t look difficult. I want something like this for lunch: I’ve accidentally been eating quite vegetarian for the last few days, so am craving something like this now! lol


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