French Heaven


This visit to My French Heaven took place in April, but I’m missing Stephane and his beautiful corner of France. Enjoy, just in case you missed it…

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As many of you know, especially those who have seen the photos of beautiful French food that I’ve been posting, my daughter and I flew to Bordeaux to spend four days with Stéphane. He is the author of My French Heaven, his blog, and Your French Heaven, his business.
As soon as he picked us up at the airport, we knew we were in good hands. Stéphane is so likable. Lovable, in fact. He’s funny, smart, and slightly irreverent, which suited our personalities to a tee.
I’m not here only to promote Stéphane’s business; it needs no help from me. But for a little explanation in case you’re not familiar with it, he customizes your visit to the part of France where he was born and raised, based on your likes and desires and how many days you have to spend.

Of course for me and…

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6 thoughts on “French Heaven

    • You’re so sweet. It was a dream trip for myself, and my husband suggested that our daughter go as well! She didn’t hesitate, obviously, with her decision. And she was very patient with all of the picture taking!!!


  1. I totally enjoyed these posts the first ‘go round’ and perhaps even more the 2nd time. Such fabulous food & photographs – and what could better better than all this having taken place in France !!!!????


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