Today is the first day of Spring! Rejoice! Especially if you had a pretty terrible winter. I didn’t, so I’m not complaining, but the cold weather has dragged on a bit too long for my taste. I’m ready for some warmth.

And, I’m ready to begin reaping the benefits of all of my hard work in the garden. The chives are already coming up, and the strawberry plants looks ready to bloom soon.

I didn’t plant radishes, but I found some at the store that looked just-picked. So I’m celebrating Spring today by eating radishes!


There’s no cooking involved with this task. I eat them the way I was taught – the French way, I understand it’s called. Which makes sense with a French mother…

I eat them simply with unsalted butter and coarse-grained salt. C’est tout! But good butter. And sometimes with bread, if I have good bread. Sometimes with a little Sancerre, depending on my mood, to wash it all down, of course.


I hope to soon be celebrating Spring with lovely asparagus, and too many strawberries! Cheers to Springtime!

24 thoughts on “Springtime

  1. This is such serendipity … I happen to have some radish in the fridge … and so guess what? I shall follow your example and eat it the French way! I’d never heard of this before … I adore butter so I can’t wait!


    • I have never cooked radishes, but I’ve seen them cooked. It always seemed so weird to me – like I wouldn’t saute a cucumber, either. But if you say they’re good, ill have to try it!


  2. Happy Spring. such lovely radish photos! I’ve never tried radishes with butter & salt, am sure it is delicious, definitely something new to try. I made a Creme de Radish soup that was delicious and well received. ;)


  3. We had snow yesterday and this weekend a chill factor of about 0 degrees Fahrenheit is expected while normal for this time of year would bd 50. And it’s almost Easter! Global warming is not doing its job…


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