A New Gadget


My mother loves gadgets, whether electric or non-electric. And I obviously take after her, since I seem to enjoy them as well. In fact, my mother still owns and uses, on a daily basis, one of the first Litton microwaves. It has a dial! But it works!

So when I visited her recently, she told me about a gadget she’d heard about on a Dr. Oz show. I’m not an Oz fan, but I really don’t want his popularity debated in the comment section, so I’ll not tell you why. However, I will say that the more I thought about this gadget, the more intrigued I became.

Needless to say, it was waiting for me at home when I flew back to Oklahoma, because I couldn’t wait to order it. I got it from Sur la Table, for a mere $20.00. It’s made by Mastrad.

So, are you excited about what it does? It makes potato chips in the microwave!!! Regular potatoes and sweet potatoes! I’m not even a huge potato chip fan, but it sounded so fun! And healthy!

So here’s the scoop on the gadget. You slice the potatoes thinly and then place them without overlap on this silicone tray. Two trays came in the package, and they’re stackable, but you have to adjust cooking time if you use both at once.

So first I sliced away at sweet potatoes, not paying too much attention to how thin the slices were. Part of the reason is that although Mastrad is a French company, I couldn’t understand the directions. I mean, I think even I remember enough French to translate the directions into proper English.

For example – this phrase: Makes 1/32 inches slices. What?

Thankfully there is a chart for microwaving times.

So then I microwaved the slices on the tray for 3 minutes, which is the amount of time for potatoes. Nothing. Another 3 minutes. Still nothing. I totally lost track of how many minutes I microwaved the sweet potato slices, but I eventually stopped because I was worried my microwave would implode from all of the hot steam.


So then I sliced another sweet potato and discovered why I have long fingernails. It’s because a fingernail comes in handy to keep the mandoline’s blade from cutting of the end of your finger.

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the photo. I mean, why was I not using the awkward plastic grabber that you’re supposed to use?!!! (Rhetorical question. It’s an awkward thing to use that doesn’t really grab much of anything. Especially a hard potato.)

So after I bandaided myself up (or plastered, for my UK friends) I then switched to a peeled white potato, and sliced them as thinly as I could whilst still making whole slices.

(A note about wearing bandaids while cooking – it doesn’t work very well. Especially if you’re like me and you’re constantly washing your hands.)


I cooked them the obligatory 3 minutes and then another 3 minutes. I gave up. One was crispy, but the others were soggy. Very strange.


I’ve since read on Amazon that the 3 minutes is ridiculous and time has to be significantly increased to produce the proper results. And also, one is supposed to stop the microwaving when the chips begin to curl, which mine never did.

I do want to give a shout-out about one of my favorite spice mixtures sold by Penzey’s, called BBQ 3000. It’s especially good on roasted sweet potatoes, but I’ve also used it on chicken. And, I wanted to use it on these potato chips…
It’s a very interesting mixture of salt, paprika, black pepper, nutmeg, mustard, allspice, garlic powder, ginger, sage, thyme, white pepper, cinnamon, and natural smoke flavoring!

So on a rainy day when I have nothing better to do, I might try these again.