so much food….

I love great food. I love eating it, reading about it, writing about it, and even shopping for it. So, I decided to blog about food and cooking and eating.

Professionally, a significant part of my life centered on food, see about me. But now, even as an empty nester and retiree, I am still food-driven. I wake up thinking about what I get to cook that day, and go to sleep thinking about the next day’s grocery list.

If you are hesitant to get cooking, then hopefully the Chef Mimi Blog will inspire you to cook, or cook more often. Or maybe it will inspire you to try something you’ve never tasted before. Everyone can, and should, cook. After all – we need to eat!

I’m extremely season-oriented with food and it’s now winter where I live in the United States! So put on your aprons and let’s cook!!!!!

photographed above: Beet Ravioli

Original artwork by Sarah-Allen Preston, of Paper and Pearls

174 thoughts on “so much food….

  1. So glad to have stumbled by your blog – I LOVE food too!
    Looking forward to following you this year!
    Happy New Year


  2. Thank you for following my blog and I hope you continue to find something of interest there. I am the exact opposite of you. I love to eat but the sign in my house says the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house. Now if someone wants to cook for me, I’m more than happy to eat. But I will give your blog a peruse and see what I find. Thanks again.


  3. So happy to have found your blog! That shot is worth a million dollars, at first I thought it was homemade donut, but now I see it is a bagel . . . one of my favorite all time foods, so now I’m hooked. Can’t wait to read through your blog, Mimi!


  4. Mimi – I love it! “So much food, so little time.” I agree! I still work full time however I look forward to the weekends when I can cook all day. Too bad I only have two days off from work! Aloha, Kiyo


  5. Totally agree with you about food in general!! Great to read your thoughts on it. Though perhaps I’m more cake-driven, I do enjoy all food. And meeting other people who love their food too, like you. :)


  6. Hey there Chef Mimi!
    I wanted to share our new kitchen gadget with you! It’s called a Smoothie Press and it removes unwanted berry seeds from smoothies! Yes, it’s that cool. You just blend up your ingredients and pour into the Smoothie Press. Then you press down on the plunger to strain and de-seed. When you’ve pressed all the way to the bottom, the seeds stay trapped and the super smooth smoothie is on top! For extra credit… it’s compatible with the Magic Bullet. Oh yeah…
    Love for you to check it out :)
    Thanks and LOVE your blog!


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